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I thought this would be a fun page to add, so that perhaps there are researchers out there that have information about these establishments and their proprietors, and would share with others. It would be great to put some history with the tokens.

If you have any information or photos to submit about these places, please email me at the link below. I would also be interested in photos of other tokens from businesses in the area.


*Please note, I do not own these tokens.  The photos have been contributed or shared by others for historical and information purposes only.

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Tokens Attributed to Clearwater
Clwtr_front.jpg (41322 bytes) Clwtr_Back.jpg (34981 bytes) clearwatertoken.jpg (86192 bytes) clearwatertoken2.jpg (89283 bytes) . .
Fred E. Murphy Fred E.Murphy .


Tokens Attributed to Cottonwood
cwood_maybe.jpg (22425 bytes) cwood_maybe2.jpg (23881 bytes)
E.P. Baird (possible Cottonwood) Randall's Pool hall
Randalls_cwood.jpg (60318 bytes) Randalls_cwood2.jpg (55177 bytes) Randalls_cwood_type2.jpg (56245 bytes) Randalls_cwood_type2_2.jpg (54730 bytes)
Randall's Pool Hall Randall's Pool Hall  Royale Room


Tokens Attributed to Denver
. .

J.P. Code  

Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Code operated a Hotel in Denver about 1902.  In talking with some token collectors, it is not known for sure if this was actually from Denver or not, as there are several different J.P. Code tokens out there.



Tokens Attributed to Elk City
. .
. Strong's Place .


Tokens Attributed to Fenn
W.O.Mack_-_Fenn_Token.jpg (26587 bytes) W.O.Mack_-_Fenn_Token2.jpg (31310 bytes) fennfront.jpg (18271 bytes) fennback.jpg (20329 bytes)
W.O. Mack R.E. Hamill R.E. Hamill


Tokens Attributed to Ferdinand
haener1.jpg (47970 bytes) haener2.jpg (54749 bytes)
Haener's Beer Parlor Haener's Beer Parlor Haener's Beer Parlor
Ferd_frnt.jpg (56409 bytes) Ferd_bk.jpg (54901 bytes) .
Shamrock Pastime - Chas. Dickey Shamrock Pastime - Chas. Dickey .


Tokens Attributed to Grangeville

bargain_front.jpg (7806 bytes) bargain_back.jpg (7755 bytes)

bradburys.jpg (25924 bytes)

bradburysgville.jpg (26996 bytes)

cffront.jpg (14844 bytes) cfback.jpg (17243 bytes)

Bargain Store Co.


C & F

eaglebrewery.jpg (14635 bytes)

eaglebrewery1.jpg (13265 bytes)

C & F Eagle Brewery  Foust & Jarvis 

fuller_gville.jpg (63513 bytes)

G-Gfront1.jpg (32912 bytes)

G-Gback1.jpg (47864 bytes)

Foust & Jarvis  Fuller's Place  G & G's Place
cigar.jpg (32766 bytes) cigar1.jpg (30975 bytes) imperial.jpg (32777 bytes) imperial1.jpg (31369 bytes)
Harry's Cigar Store  Imperial Hotel 
leonards_gville.jpg (17719 bytes) LeonardsPlaceToken.jpg (29365 bytes) LeonardsToken2.jpg (28541 bytes)
Leonard's Cafe 

Leonard's Place 

GeorgesPlace1.jpg (12026 bytes) GeorgesPlace2.jpg (11833 bytes)
George's Place George's Place  
matt_place.jpg (16377 bytes)
Matt's Place  Matt's Place Matt's Place 
mattsplace -good.jpg (25041 bytes) mattsplace-good1.jpg (23859 bytes) imperial_hotel_luggage_tag_frank_crane.jpg (17823 bytes) MattsPlaceAluminum.jpg (10587 bytes) MattsPlaceAluminum2.jpg (21643 bytes)
Matt's Place Imperial Hotel Luggage Tag  Matt's Place - Aluminum
h_h_token.jpg (11230 bytes) PapsPlacetoken.jpg (21631 bytes)
Harry Wood  H & H Grocery  Pap's Place 
pioneer_bar.jpg (33646 bytes)
T & J Pioneer Bar The Gem - J.E. Milne
. Gville_Brewery_front.JPG (131446 bytes) Gville_Brewery_Back.jpg (112524 bytes) .
. Grangeville Brewery

Photo contributed by Bob Barreiros



Tokens Attributed to Kamiah
davis_fr.jpg (9319 bytes) davis_bk.jpg (7470 bytes) jackmills_kamiah.jpg (54015 bytes) jackmills_kamiah2.jpg (50702 bytes)
J.G. Davis  Jack Mills


Tokens Attributed to Kooskia
. .
. E.E. Ping .


Tokens Attributed to Pinehurst
. .
. Pinehurst Tavern .


Tokens Attributed to Riggins
. .
. Woodley's 76 .


Tokens Attribued to Roosevelt
. RooseveltToken.jpg (32371 bytes) RosseveltToken2.jpg (29959 bytes) .
. Robb Mer Co. .


Tokens Attributed to Stites
stokews.jpg (12907 bytes) stokes1.JPG (38540 bytes) GCStokes_stites.jpg (61465 bytes) GCStokes_stites2.jpg (56514 bytes)
C.C. Stokes Restaurant & Pool Hall C.C. Stokes Restaurant & Pool Hall
EdHawkins.jpg (8657 bytes)
Corner Saloon Ed Hawkins
scheel.jpg (23877 bytes)
Ole's August Scheel Lange's Place
bar.jpg (18319 bytes) 1916bar.jpg (17961 bytes)
1916 Bar 1916 Bar 1916 Bar


Tokens Attributed to Whitebird

Gregory_Wilson_wbird.jpg (43356 bytes)

Gregory_Wilson_wbird2.jpg (42342 bytes)

Greg_fr.jpg (7991 bytes) Greg_bk.jpg (7445 bytes)
Gregory & Co. 

*Gregory family history has it that Grandpa Gregory won the saloon in Whitebird in a poker game!

Gregory & Wilson Gregory & Co.


Miscellaneous Tokens , Tags, Coins, Collectibles, Etc.
mission4_gville_mutch.jpg (25282 bytes) mission4 _1_gville_mutch.jpg (25055 bytes) soldier_id2.jpg (17415 bytes) soldier_id.jpg (16443 bytes) masonicpenny2.jpg (59737 bytes) masonicpenny.jpg (61174 bytes)
Mission 4 - Can anyone out there tell us any information about this token? This is thought to be attributed to Soldier's Meadows. It is not in Idaho County, but I thought it was very interesting. Masonic Lodge Penny
Bank_NOte.jpg (57731 bytes) kooskia_dog_tag_1911.jpg (65446 bytes) 1912cwood.jpg (71105 bytes)
$10 Bill from Grangeville Bank 1911 Kooskia Dog Tag Pennant - Cottonwood 1912
denver_spoon.jpg (64431 bytes) parrhotel.jpg (10300 bytes) .
Collectible Spoon - Denver Parr Hotel Letterhead - Elk City .
OddFellows.jpg (75884 bytes) elks_matchbook.jpg (57611 bytes)
Cottonwood Odd Fellows Grangeville Elks Matchbook - 1928 Prairie Service Station Matchbook



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