If you are a family member and wish a  photo that is not watermarked, please email me and I will be happy to send you the image.  My email is County Coordinator


CARLSON Richard E. 17 Nov 1891 24 Aug 1964 No I MISSOURI WAGR SUP CO 29 FIELD ARTY WWI Carlson_r.jpg (76851 bytes)
CARR Delilah A. 10 Mar 1830 13 Sep 1916 So D1   Carr_d.jpg (168193 bytes)
CASTLE Douglas A. 16 Oct 1960 24 Jun 2000 So D2 Husband & Son. Color photo - Front: western scenery; Back: CASTLE

Castle_d.jpg (169483 bytes)

CARR Kerby   13 Aug 1888 So D1 Age 13 Yrs  1 Mo  8 Ds  -  Quadruple stone with Rose & Jerome CASTLE and Loyal ECKLES - (CASTLE/HEATH family) - At foot end of 4 CASTLE cement markers * Carr_k.jpg (170660 bytes)
CASTLE Frank L. 15 Nov 1902 26 Feb 1984 So D2   Castle_f.jpg (217819 bytes)
CASTLE Jerome   23 Jan 1883 So D1 "Aged 38 Yrs. 4 Ms. 1 Day" - Quadruple stone with Rose CASTLE, Kerby CARR, & Loyal ECKLES - (CASTLE/HEATH family) - At foot end of 4 CASTLE cement markers * Castle_j.jpg (161291 bytes)
CASTLE Levi 4 Mar 1860 1 Jul 1949 So D2 CAPTAIN  IDAHO INF SP AM WAR  -  VFW marker

Castle_l.jpg (166863 bytes)

CASTLE Miles D. 26 Nov 1934 19 Jul 2005 So D2 SP4 U.S. ARMY-KOREA - foot of Douglas A. Castle's grave

Castle_m.jpg (143661 bytes)

CASTLE Rose     So D1 "Infant" (no dates) - Quadruple stone with Jerome CASTLE, Loyal ECKLES & Kerby CARR - (CASTLE/HEATH family) - At foot end of 4 CASTLE cement markers *

Castle_r.jpg (197325 bytes)

CASTLE       So D2 4 CASTLE graves in plots 11 & 12 - 4 Cement markers  with surname only *   -  (Quadruple stone at foot end for CASTLE/HEATH family members)

Castle.jpg (216214 bytes)

Castle_2.jpg (217976 bytes)

Castle_3.jpg (200393 bytes)

Castle_4.jpg (202580 bytes)

CHASE Annie 10 Feb 1836 17 Feb 1904 No A2 "Wife of E. A. CHASE" "Asleep in Jesus" "Aged 68 Ys 7 Ds" "He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"

Chase_a.jpg (112655 bytes)

CHASE Archie 31 May 1898 13 Aug 1898 No C "Children of E. I. & M. J. CHASE"  "Sleep on, sweet babes, and take thy rest, God calls away when he thinks best"  -  Double stone with Effie CHASE

Chase_children.jpg (148807 bytes)

CHASE Edward A. 7 Mar 1838 5 Dec 1902 No A2 "Holy Bible" "Blessed are they that die in the Lord, for they shall be comforted" Chase_e.jpg (125808 bytes)
CHASE Effie 23 May 1896 5 Aug 1896 No C "Children of E. I. & M. J. CHASE" "Sleep on, sweet babes, and take thy rest, God calls away when he thinks best" - Double stone with Archie CHASE

Chase_children.jpg (148807 bytes)

CHASE Ethel A. 12 Jun 1895 5 Oct 1895 No C "Daughter of Frank & Laura CHASE" "Age 3 MS 23 DS" "Sleep on, sweet babe, and take thy rest, God calls away when he thinks best" Chase_ethel.jpg (147122 bytes)
CHASE Eula V. 1906 1983 No B "Married 16 June 1929" - Double stone with Joseph O. CHASE Chase_e-j.jpg (218906 bytes)
CHASE Joseph Oliver 1903 1973 No B "Married 16 June 1929" -  Double stone with Eula V. CHASE   *info from Deb Starr - Son of Oliver & Nora Chase Chase_e-j.jpg (218906 bytes)
CHASE Mable A. 24 May 1892 1 Jan 1895 No C "Daughter of Frank & Laura CHASE" "Age 2 YR 7 MS 7 DS" "Our darling one hath gone before, To greet us on the blissful shore" Chase_mable.jpg (151321 bytes)
CHASE Mary 20 Apr 1895 3 Nov 1895 No B "Jesus said, suffer little children to come unto me"  (Twin to Olive) - Double stone with Olive CHASE Chase_o.jpg (164743 bytes)
CHASE Nora 1869 1943 No B "Mother" *Info from Deborah Starr 8/23/04 Born Margarette Catherine "Nora" Stephens.  B. 1869 D. 1943.  1st marriage to George Crea.  2nd marriage to Oliver Chase

Chase_n.jpg (200928 bytes)

CHASE Olive 20 Apr 1895 1 Nov 1895 No B "Jesus said, suffer little children to come into me"  (Twin to Mary) - Double stone with Mary CHASE Chase_o.jpg (164743 bytes)
CHASE Oliver 1866 1928 No B *Info from Deborah Starr 8/23/04

Husband of Nora.  They had 5 children or 4 plus the twins.

Chase_ol.jpg (154327 bytes)
CHICANE Horace G. 1872 1967 No J "Father" Chicane_h.jpg (185224 bytes)
CHICANE Leonora 1876 1924 No J "Mother"  -  (Wife of Horace G. CHICANE) Chicane_l.jpg (191471 bytes)
CHICANE Joseph 1832 1915 So I "Father" Chicane_joe.jpg (219074 bytes)
CHICANE Mae E. 1903 1985 So I Double stone with V. C. Bill CHICANE Chicane_m-v.jpg (182092 bytes)
CHICANE V. C. Bill 1897 1977 So I Double stone with Mae E. CHICANE Chicane_m-v.jpg (182092 bytes)
CHICANE Francis (Buster) 15 Jun 1927 Mar 11, 2001 So  I Military stone - also has dbl stone with Millie Chicane_f.jpg (177429 bytes)
CHICANE Mille June 1 Nov 1934 22 Sep 2002 So  I Dbl stone w/Francis D. Chicane "Buster" Chicane_m-f.jpg (163019 bytes)
Chicane_m-f-bk.jpg (161542 bytes)
CLAYTON A. B. 1871 1931 No B Double stone with Maryetta CLAYTON Clayton_a.jpg (200029 bytes)
CLAYTON Maryetta 1860 1933 No B Double stone with A. B. CLAYTON Clayton_a.jpg (200029 bytes)
COLLINS Carol Jean 4 Jun 1948 11 Nov 2000 So G Nevada City, CA - Grangeville, ID; Front: I will always have sweet memories of you lovey, your Lonnie D.; Back: Forest; Fron: Hat & Pumpkin; Back: Smell a flower, think of me, Hear a bird sing, think of me; Watch the sunrise, think of me.  Appreciate these gifts as I did.  Let these be your memories of me.  Married 6 April 1956; parents of Gary, Cheryll, Audrey, Jeff, Joyce Collins_c.jpg (161438 bytes)
I did not get a photo of the back. I will at a later date.
CONANT Florinda 1872 1969 No G Double stone with Milan R. CONANT Conant_f-m.jpg (126441 bytes)
CONANT Milan R. 1858 1930 No G Double stone with Florinda CONANT Conant_f-m.jpg (126441 bytes)
CONE Edna Alois 7 Jul 1915 20 Aug 1915 No F   Cone_e.jpg (164474 bytes)
CONE Sybil L. 18 Nov 1885 1 Aug 1913 No F "Rest in Heaven"  "Wife of A. F. CONE" Cone_s.jpg (139321 bytes)
Cone_sybil2.jpg (123519 bytes)
COX Carroll 1899 1984 No L "Married 1919"  -  Double stone with Grace COX Cox_g-c.jpg (209782 bytes)
COX Grace 1900 1987 No L "Married 1919"  -  Double stone with Carroll COX Cox_g-c.jpg (209782 bytes)
COX Marlene M 16 April 1937 09 Nov 2007 No L "Our Beloved Mother" - "Dear Mom" Cox_marlene.jpg (148216 bytes)
COX Norman Howard 11 Oct 1932 19 Mar 1977 No L "CPL US ARMY KOREA"  "Dear Dad" Cox_norman.jpg (146284 bytes)
COX Clinton (Shorty) 15 Nov 1924 28 Oct 2000 No M U.S. Navy World War II - cross at top of stone Cox_c.jpg (117331 bytes)
COX William C. 19 Dec 1920 17 May 2006 No M S. SGT. U.S. Army World War II - Cross on stone. Rock at head of stone with plaque that says: Department of the Army United States of America Cox_Wm.jpg (158034 bytes)
CRUSON Edward L. 1940 Still Living So A2 "In Enternal Memory"  -  Double marker with Gertrude L. CRUSON Cruson_g-e.jpg (225950 bytes)
CRUSON Gertrude L. 1942 1978 So A2 "In Enternal Memory"  -  Double marker with Edward L. CRUSON  -  (Copper marker with orchids) Cruson_g-e.jpg (225950 bytes)



If you have any records, photos, family information, etc., we would love for you to share.  Or if you have questions or suggestions, please drop me a line. My email address is County Coordinator


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