If you are a family member and wish a  photo that is not watermarked, please email me and I will be happy to send you the image.  My email is County Coordinator


HALSTROM Raleigh A. 8 Jul 1902 5 Jul 1971 No K "Father" Halstrom_r.jpg (189971 bytes)
HARRIS Mary V. 24 Sep 1861 17 Jun 1908 No F "Wife of Israel HARRIS" "Hold her O Father in thine arms, And let her henceforth be a messenger of love between our human hearts and thee" Harris_m.jpg (156039 bytes)
HASKINS Dick     No I "1912"  -  Cement marker * Haskins_dick.jpg (194932 bytes)
HEARTBURG Charles 1896 1973 No I "Father"  -  Triple stone with Eleanor & Thekla HEARTBURG Heartburg_e-t-c.jpg (149188 bytes)
HEARTBURG Eleanor 1921 1926 No I "Daughter"  -  Triple stone with Charles & Thekla HEARTBURG Heartburg_e-t-c.jpg (149188 bytes)
HEARTBURG Thekla 1896 1989 No I "Mother"  -  Triple stone with Charles & Eleanor HEARTBURG Heartburg_e-t-c.jpg (149188 bytes)
HEATH Earl A.   23 Jun 1904 So B "Son of G. A. & N. A. HEATH" "Called higher" "Aged 6 Ys. 6 Ms. 21 Ds."  
HEATH Frank 26 Jul 1853 29 Jan 1905 So B "Gone but not forgotten"  -  Double stone with Lunda J. HEATH Heath__l-f.jpg (158410 bytes)
HEATH Laura A. 8 Jun 1852 8 Jan 1920 So B "Gone but not forgotten" Heath_l.jpg (174125 bytes)
HEATH Lunda J. 18 Oct 1889 2 Feb 1904 So B "Gone but not forgotten"  -  Double stone with Frank HEATH Heath__l-f.jpg (158410 bytes)
HEATH Merna A 1926 2006 No M "Together Forever" Etching of bird with wheat Heath_m.jpg (143684 bytes)
HEATH Thomas L. 11 Nov 1924 12 May 1980 No M "MM3 US NAVY WW II" Heath_thom.jpg (116838 bytes)
HENDRICKSON Chester A. 1902 1933 So D1   Hendrickson_ch.jpg (219851 bytes)
HENDRICKSON Clarence Lee 13 Oct 1924 29 Oct 1924 So D1 "Oct 13 - 29, 1924" Hendrickson_cl.jpg (199403 bytes)
HENDRICKSON Donald C. 17 May 1927 27 Dec 2004 So D1 DAD - Roses.  Wed November 26, 1946 Hendrickson_d-l.jpg (222317 bytes)
HENDRICKSON Lila J 22 Oct 1928 No dates So D1 MOM - Roses. Wed November 26, 1946 Hendrickson_d-l.jpg (222317 bytes)
HENDRICKSON Rozilla 1901 1993 So D1 "Loved Wife & Mother" Hendrickson_r.jpg (220824 bytes)
HILL Agnes 22 Jul 1877 14 May 1898 No D1 "Wife of J. D. LYTTLE" "We cannot tell who next may fall Beneath the chastening rod.  One must be first, but let us all Prepare to meet our God" Lyttle_agnes.jpg (149150 bytes)
Lyttle_ag.jpg (192844 bytes)
HILL Joseph D. 15 June 1921 26 Jun 2002 No F Farm scene, angel. Dbl stone wtih Leonre M. HILL; married June 1, 1976 Hill_l-j.jpg (175925 bytes)
HILL Joseph M. 1882 1970 No F "Father" "May they rest in peace"  -   Double stone with Sadie E. HILL Hill_s-j.jpg (220065 bytes)
HILL Laura K. 7 Sep 1890 10 Jan 1898 No F "Dau. of Wm & M. J. HILL" "A little flower of love That blossomed but to die; Transplanted now above, To bloom with God on high"  (sculped lamb on stone)

In 2012 there was a small lilac bush in front of the stone, making it difficult to photograph.

Hill_laura.jpg (128096 bytes)
HILL Laurence A. 1896 1899 No F (lamb pictured on stone) Hill_laurence.jpg (156539 bytes)
HILL Lenore M. 26 Feb 1932   No F Dbl headstone with Joseph D. HILL; married June 1, 1976 Hill_l-j.jpg (175925 bytes)
HILL Mary J. 1858 1946 No F "Mother"  "May they rest in peace"  -  Double stone with William HILL Hill_w-m.jpg (215771 bytes)
HILL Sadie E. 1887 1960 No F "Mother"  "May they rest in peace"  -  Double stone with Joseph M. HILL Hill_s-j.jpg (220065 bytes)
HILL William 1840 1910 No F "Father"  "May they rest in peace"  -  Double stone with Mary J. HILL Hill_w-m.jpg (215771 bytes)
HILL William J. 1879 1910 No F "In Memory of Father" "At Rest" Hill_wm.jpg (223693 bytes)
HOUTS George M. 1 May 1863 14 Mar 1909 So D1 "We shall meet again"  "Aged 45 Y'rs. 10 Mo's. 13 D'ys."  "This tablet to a brother's love Is reared by kindred left, His soul in bliss is now above, His friends on earth bereft." Houts_geo.jpg (183610 bytes)
HOWARD Maude 1882 1920 No E   Howard_m.jpg (244378 bytes)
HUFFMAN Clarissa 26 Aug 1925 No dates No E Candle & RN symbol on stone. Dbl stone w/ W.Wayne HUFFMAN - Front of stone; Married Oct 24, 1948, "Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life." Rev. 2:10; Back of stone; Huffman, parents of Deborah, Darcy; Grandparents of Allison Huffman_c-w.jpg (216336 bytes)
Huffman_bk.jpg (205893 bytes)
HUFFMAN W. Wayne 8 Aug 1924 13 Sep 2005 No  E Etching of cow & calf. Dbl stone w/ Clarissa HUFFMAN Huffman_c-w.jpg (216336 bytes)
Huffman_bk.jpg (205893 bytes)
HURLEY       No  E Surname only on cement marker * Hurley.jpg (238963 bytes)
HURLEY       No E "1907"  -  Cement marker * Hurley3.jpg (214923 bytes)
HURLEY       No E Purchase of lot recorded 22 June 1907 - no proof of burial - Surname only on cement marker * Hurley2.jpg (194336 bytes)



If you have any records, photos, family information, etc., we would love for you to share.  Or if you have questions or suggestions, please drop me a line. My email address is County Coordinator


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