If you are a family member and wish a  photo that is not watermarked, please email me and I will be happy to send you the image.  My email is County Coordinator


JARRETT Mark V.   25 Aug No A2 "Aged 66 Yrs. 1 Ms. 3 Ds."  (no year)  "Dying is but going home" Jarrett_m.jpg (185602 bytes)
JARRETT Rebecca A. 7 Jul 1845 8 Aug 1910 No A2 "Wife of M. V. JARRETT" "Gone but not forgotten" Jarrett_R.jpg (188436 bytes)
JAY Joan K. 15 Nov 1942 5 Mar 2003 So D2   Jay_j.jpg (280243 bytes)
JEROME Frederic E. 30 Mar 1852 4 Feb 1905 No F   Jerome_f.jpg (187745 bytes)
JESS Albert T. 17 Jul 1895 2 Dec 1916 So B "Hier Ruht in Frieden" "The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety  Deut. 33:12"  (beautiful ornate stone with arch and urns) photo at later date
JESS Mary 26 Jun 1891 31 Oct 1901 So B "Our Darlings"  "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"   -  Double stone with Willie JESS Jess_darlings.jpg (232240 bytes)
Jess_m.jpg (225239 bytes)
JESS Willie 15 Mar 1889 8 Nov 1891 So B "Our Darlings"  "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"   -  Double stone with Mary JESS Jess_darlings.jpg (232240 bytes)
Jess_will.jpg (214480 bytes)
JEWETT Winifred E. 21 Mar 1896 18 Jul 1973 No B (Buried in Reynolds lot) Jewett_w.jpg (216371 bytes)
JOHNSON Amanda 22 Jan 1829 12 Aug 1911 No E "Asleep in Jesus" "At Rest" "There is a bright region above, We long to reach its shore, To join with the dear ones we love, Not lost, but gone before" Johnson_amanda.jpg (160266 bytes)
JOHNSON Baby     So G "Another little angel Before the heavenly throne"  (no dates) Johnson_baby.jpg (212686 bytes)
JOHNSON Fannie A. 1902 1916 So F   Johnson_f.jpg (229805 bytes)
JOHNSON Frank 27 Mar 1906 25 Jul 1906 So F "Sons of H. & M. M. JOHNSON" -  Double stone with Joe JOHNSON Johnson_f-j.jpg (223695 bytes)
JOHNSON Gracie C. 1904 1914 So F   Johnson_gr.jpg (239945 bytes)
JOHNSON Grover C. 18 Aug 1888 20 Oct 1918 No E "In rememberance of"  "Pvt Co. A 305th Inf." "Died in France" "Son of Mr. & Mrs. H. D. Johnson" "U.S.I." (crossed rifles pictured) Johnson_g.jpg (198131 bytes)
JOHNSON Grover H. 1919 2002 So E Dbl stone w/Luella M. - U.S. NAVY WWII Johnson_l-g.jpg (214851 bytes)
JOHNSON Luella M. 1925 1999 So E Dbl stone w/Grover H. JOHNSON Johnson_l-g.jpg (214851 bytes)
JOHNSON Margreta Rorenia 25 Nov 1852 5 Sep 1899 No E "At Rest" "Born at St. Louis, MO" "A loved one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled." Johnson_m.jpg (200794 bytes)
JOHNSON Harrison 1868 1957 So F "Father"  Double stone with Mary JOHNSON Johnson_m-h.jpg (250649 bytes)
JOHNSON Harvey D. 30 Jun 1860 17 Nov 1922 No E "Gone but nor forgotten" Johnson_h.jpg (203569 bytes)
JOHNSON Joe 27 Mar 1906 25 Jul 1906 So F "Sons of H. & M. M. JOHNSON"  -  Double stone with Frank JOHNSON Johnson_f-j.jpg (223695 bytes)
JOHNSON John A. 20 Apr 1853 3 Apr 1929 No E "Gone but not forgotten" Johnson_j.jpg (230996 bytes)
JOHNSON Mary 1879 1955 So F "Mother"  -   Double stone with Harrison JOHNSON Johnson_m-h.jpg (250649 bytes)
JOHNSON Thomas 13 Oct 1901 8 Nov 1901 So G "Infant son of James & Hannah JOHNSON" "God needed one more angel child Amidst his shining band" Johnson_thom.jpg (228518 bytes)
JORGENSON Charley G. 1846 1903 So A2 "May he rest in peace" Jorgenson_c.jpg (220764 bytes)


If you have any records, photos, family information, etc., we would love for you to share.  Or if you have questions or suggestions, please drop me a line. My email address is County Coordinator


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