If you are a family member and wish a  photo that is not watermarked, please email me and I will be happy to send you the image.  My email is County Coordinator


MACK Nancy A. 1886 1979 No D2 "Mother" Mack_n.jpg (249690 bytes)
MATTOX John C. 6 Sep 1824 31 Dec 1902 No D1 "Our parents have gone to a mansion of rest to the glorious land by the diety blest"  -  Double stone with Tillitha J. MATTOX  -   Mason & GAR emblems Mattox_j-t.jpg (207765 bytes)
MATTOX John W. 2 Aug 1862 25 Apr 1918 No D1 "We cannot tell who next may fall Beneath the chastening rod. One must be first, but let us all Prepare to meet our God" Mattox_john.jpg (213248 bytes)
MATTOX Tillitha J. 7 Dec 1831 19 Mar 1893 No D1 "Our parents have gone to a mansion of rest to the glorious land by the diety blest"  -  Double stone with John C. MATTOX Mattox_john.jpg (213248 bytes)
McFARLAND J. F.     So C Purchase of lot recorded 22 June 1907, no proof of burial - McFARLIN  on cement marker * McFarlin_jf.jpg (276778 bytes)
MELAND Peder A. 26 Oct 1868 30 Aug 1917 No K "Asleep in Jesus"   (Born in Norway) Meland_p.jpg (235058 bytes)
MEYER Dorothy 11 Feb 1927 no dates No E Dbl stone w/Kenneth MEYER - Married August 22, 1948 Meyer_d-k.jpg (190482 bytes)
MEYER France H. 1892 1977 No G Double stone with L. Melissa MEYER Meyer_l-f.jpg (147531 bytes)
MEYER Henry 28 Jul 1852 17 Nov 1925 No F "At Rest"  (Oddfellow)  -  (on same cement base as Minnie MEYER stone) Meyer_mon.jpg (182541 bytes)
Meyer_mon_h.jpg (163954 bytes)
MEYER Kenneth 27 Oct 1925 22 Apr 2005 No E Dbl stone w/Dorothy - Married August 22, 1948 Meyer_d-k.jpg (190482 bytes)
MEYER L. Melissa 1896 1988 No G Double stone with France H. MEYER Meyer_l-f.jpg (147531 bytes)
MEYER Minnie 15 Dec 1862 27 Oct 1938 No F "At Rest"  (Wife of Henry MEYER) Meyer_m.jpg (207377 bytes)
Meyer_mon.jpg (182541 bytes)
MEYER Sophie K. 26 Jul 1890 11 Jan 1907 No F "Peace Perfect Peace"  "Daughter of Henry & Minnie MEYER"  "She was too good, too gentle and fair, To dwell in this cold world of care" Meyer_s.jpg (147548 bytes)
MEYER FAMILY MONUMENT       No F Oddfellow emblem Meyer_mon.jpg (182541 bytes)
MILLER Elizabeth V. 3 Apr 1884 24 Apr 1905 No F "Wife of H. H. MILLER" "Come unto me all ye that labour and heavy laden and I will give you rest  Math. XI 28" Miller_eliz.jpg (156177 bytes)
MILLER "Infant"   18 June 1911 So D1 "Son of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey MILLER"  "A little bud of love, to bloom with God above"  -  (sculped fallen dove by a stump) Miller_infant.jpg (223236 bytes)
MILLER Ann 1842 1930 So D1 "Mother" Miller_a.jpg (225259 bytes)
MILLER Betty Mae '27 Aug' 1923 '3 Jan' 1924 So D1 (Brower-Wann marker) Miller_b.jpg (268152 bytes)
MILLER Charles F. 1881 1914 So D1 "He giveth his beloved sleep" "33 Yrs 4 Mos 12 Days" "Life is a span of fleeting hours" MIller_ch.jpg (182671 bytes)
MILLER Frank 1 Apr 1878 31 Jul 1907 So D1 " Gone but not forgotten"  (Son of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey MILLER)  -  (long rectangular block mounted on top of large stone)

Miller_frank.jpg (61284 bytes)

MILLER Leopold 11 Nov 1840 13 Nov 1921 So D1 "GAR" inside a star MIller_l.jpg (176983 bytes)
MILLER Maryetta 1880 1964 So D1  

Miller_m.jpg (241160 bytes)

MORRIS W.     No F Purchase of lot recorded 22 June 1907 - no proof of burial  -  Cement marker * Morris_w.jpg (236250 bytes)
MURPHY Dan J. 27 Jul 1917 25 Aug 2002 No M U.S. ARMY World War II - My Best Friend Murph Murphy_dan.jpg (235518 bytes)
MYERS Clarence 20 Mar 1904 20 Oct 1908 So H "Son of C. C. & C. C. MYERS" "Aged 4 yr's. 7 mo's." "Suffer little children to come unto me for of such is the Kingdom of heaven"  -  (sculped lamb on stone) Myers_cl.jpg (236776 bytes)



If you have any records, photos, family information, etc., we would love for you to share.  Or if you have questions or suggestions, please drop me a line. My email address is County Coordinator


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