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REUTER April M. 5 June 1962 5 JUne 1962     *New stone -This stone was not there during the 2009 recording  Reuter_a.jpg (251602 bytes)
REUTER Gladys E. 15 July 1910 22 Aug 1984 So J Double stone with Herman W. REUTER Reuter_g-h.jpg (220804 bytes)
REUTER Herman W. 26 Dec 1905 7 Nov 1990 So J Double stone with Gladys E. REUTER Reuter_g-h.jpg (220804 bytes)
REUTER Katherine L 18 Feb 1942 no dates So J "Mom" - Double stone with William H. REUTER - Front of stone: Married September 24, 1961; Back of stone: Our children April, Ty, Todd, Kevin, Holly Reuter_k-w.jpg (214806 bytes)
REUTER William H 4 Nov 1939 03 Oct 2005 So J "Dad" - Double stone with Katherine L. REUTER - Front of stone: Married September 24, 1961; Back of stone: Our children April, Ty, Todd, Kevin, Holly Reuter_k-w.jpg (214806 bytes)
REYNOLDS Alva Franklin 12 Jan 1878 17 Jul 1902 No B "Aged 24 Yrs 6 M 5 D"  " Call not back, the dear departed, anchored safe where storms are o'er" Reynolds_alva.jpg (192004 bytes)
REYNOLDS Anna Eliza 12 May 1858 28 Dec 1915 No B "Wife of Michael REYNOLDS"  "At rest in heaven" "A loved one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled" Reynolds_a.jpg (188330 bytes)
REYNOLDS Michael 1851 1926 No B "At Rest" Reynolds_m.jpg (200683 bytes)
RHOADES Eldred H. 2 Feb 1903 11 Feb 1905 No A2 "Son of A. Z. & C. S. RHOADES" Rhoades_E.jpg (216019 bytes)
RHOADS Cecile Enas 2 Oct 1901 2 Jan 1902 No A2 "Son of A. Z. & S. C. RHOADS"  "Dear, lovely babe, to part with you, hath racked our hearts with pain; But though our loss is great, we trust 'tis your eternal gain."  -  sculped lamb on stone Rhoads_c.jpg (170687 bytes)
RICHARDSON Doyal L. 3 Apr 1909 9 Apr 1910 So E "Aged 1 Year 6 Days"  "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven" Richardson_d.jpg (203933 bytes)
RIUTCEL Margaret 28 Mar 1886 18 Jun 1911 No F "At Rest"  "Asleep in Jesus"  "As a wife, devoted; As a mother, affectionate; As a friend, ever kind and true" Riutcel_m.jpg (180661 bytes)
ROBERTSON "Infant" 15 May 1905 15 May 1905 So C "Our Darling"  "Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. H. ROBERTSON"  "In heaven there is one angel more" Robertson_dau.jpg (210947 bytes)
ROBERTSON John     So C Purchased of lot recorded 22 June 1907 - no proof of burial  -  Cement marker * Robertson.jpg (273989 bytes)
ROGERS Jackson E. 1 Feb 1928 20 June 1974 No J "OILER US COAST GUARD" - (Ship pictured on head stone, military stone at foot end) Rogers_jackson.jpg (215982 bytes)
Rogers_j.jpg (237993 bytes)
ROWE E.     No E Purchase of lots 6 & 7 recorded 22 June 1907 - no proof of burial - Surname only on 2 cement markers * Rowe_e.jpg (235570 bytes)
ROWE Floyd   11 Mar 1905 No E "Son of H. E. & M. ROWE"  "Aged 13 Ys 7 Ms 16 Ds"  "Peaceful be thy silent slumber" Rowe_floyd.jpg (159460 bytes)
RUSH J. P.     No D2 Purchase of lots 4 & 5 recorded 29 Nov 1909 - Cement marker * Rush_jp.jpg (235980 bytes)
RUSH       No D2 Surname only - Cement marker *  (Idaho County death records lists: Bertha M. Rush, age 19, died 18 March 1909, Residence: Denver, Idaho - Daughter of James P. & Bertha Rush) Rush.jpg (250503 bytes)


If you have any records, photos, family information, etc., we would love for you to share.  Or if you have questions or suggestions, please drop me a line. My email address is County Coordinator


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