If you are a family member and wish a  photo that is not watermarked, please email me and I will be happy to send you the image.  My email is County Coordinator


SCHLEIER Mattie A. 22 Jul 1866 5 Jul 1900 No D1 "nee Lyttle"  "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.   John 11,25" Schleier_m.jpg (205720 bytes)
SCOTT Charles 14 Jan 1862 20 Oct 1948 So A2 (Cowboy on horseback pictured) Scott_ch.jpg (197400 bytes)
SCOTT Grace Malinda 22 Aug 1841 27 Mar 1907 So A2   Scott_g.jpg (213231 bytes)
SCOTT Lena May 30 May 1896 11 Feb 1905 So A2 (sculpted little baby laying in an alcove on the stone) Scott_lena.jpg (186097 bytes)
SCOTT Obediah 23 Feb 1863 28 Jan 1944 So A1 (Cowboy on horseback pictured) Scott_o.jpg (210275 bytes)
SCOTT Prudy 16 Apr 1886 1 Apr 1907 So A1   Scott_p.jpg (197634 bytes)
SEGER Anna D. 1871 1937 So B Double stone with John SEGER Seger_a-j.jpg (191846 bytes)
SEGER Clarence Daniel 28 Aug 1898 22 May 1899 So B "Son of John and Anna SEGER"  "At Rest" Seger_c.jpg (194932 bytes)
SEGER John 1859 1940 So B Double stone with Anna D. SEGER Seger_a-j.jpg (191846 bytes)
SEGER Ora D. C. 26 Jul 1903 13 Sep 1904 So B "Dau. of John and Anna SEGER"  "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven" Seger_ora.jpg (225132 bytes)
SELFORS Marie 6 Jun 1881 12 Mar 1915 No G "Wife of C. SELFORS" Selfors_m.jpg (173575 bytes)
SHEARS Muriel Ireta 25 Jul 1926 8 Oct 1926 No I   Shears_m.jpg (206613 bytes)
SHILLING Hattie 21 Apr 1874 1 Apr 1902 No A2 "Wife of P. A. SHILLING" "No pain, no grief, no anxious fear, can reach our loved one sleeping here." - (beautiful sculpted dove on top of stone) Shilling_h.jpg (183789 bytes)
SHINNICK John Dill 22 Feb 1921 2 Feb 1993 So A2 "CPL US ARMY WW II" Shinnick_j.jpg (224103 bytes)
SMITH William L. 9 Jun 1875 20 Apr 1916 No I "At Rest" Smith_wm.jpg (171155 bytes)
SMITH Ida J. 12 Jun 1859 26 Jan 1913 So D2 "At Rest"  "Aged 53 Y'rs 7 Mo's 14 Days"  "Rest mother, rest in quiet sleep, while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep" Smith_ida.jpg (197917 bytes)
SPENCER Emma 24 Jun 1871 27 May 1896 No A2 "Wife of G. E. SPENCER"  "Lo! where the silent marble weeps, A friend a wife a mother sleeps; A heart within whose sacred cell, The peaceful virtues loved to dwell."  -  Triple stone with Fletta & George E. SPENCER I missed this side of the stone. Will get at a later date
SPENCER Fletta 26 Jan 1896 13 May 1896 No A2 "Dau. of G. E. & E. SPENCER" "Of such is the Kingdom of heaven"  -  Triple stone with Emma & George E. SPENCER Spencer_f.jpg (143389 bytes)
SPENCER Gene A. 2 Dec 1929 14 Apr 1987 No A2 "Married 21 Apr 1953"  -  Double stone with Roberta "Betty" SPENCER Spencer_g-r.jpg (241133 bytes)
SPENCER George E. 17 Jul 1868 20 Oct 1898 No A2 "Gone but not forgotten"  -  Triple stone with Emma & Fletta SPENCER Spencer_geo.jpg (149427 bytes)
Spencer_g.jpg (147744 bytes)
SPENCER Henry C. 10 Oct 1840 25 Dec 1907 No A2 "A light from our household in gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our hearts, that never can be filled"  -  Oddfellow emblem  -  Double stone with Rachel S. SPENCER Spencer_h.jpg (143120 bytes)
SPENCER Metha E. 26 Jun 1888 26 Dec 1923 No G "Though lost to sight, To memory dear" Spencer_m.jpg (156835 bytes)
SPENCER Rachel S. 11 Oct 1844 20 Jan 1926 No A2 "A light from our household is gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our hearts, That never can be filled"  -  Double stone with Henry C. SPENCER Spencer_r.jpg (142061 bytes)
SPENCER Roberta "Betty" 10 Aug 1933 not given No A2 "Married 21 Apr 1953"  -  Double stone with Gene A. SPENCER Spencer_g-r.jpg (241133 bytes)
SPENGLER Annie C. 1885 1958 So K Double stone with Charles A. SPENGLER Spengler_a-c.jpg (253476 bytes)
SPENGLER C. Arthur 16 Jan 1918 12 Sept 1989 So K " Father"  "Wed 1 June 1943"  -  Double stone with Marguerite A. SPENGLER Spengler_m-c.jpg (241985 bytes)
SPENGLER Charles A. 1881 1965 So K Double stone with Annie C. SPENGLER Spengler_a-c.jpg (253476 bytes)
SPENGLER Harvella E. 19 Mar 1917 26 Oct 2005 So K At foot of Annie SPENGLER Spengler_harv.jpg (172441 bytes)
SPENGLER Henrietta W. 1883 1937 No D2 (Hattie KNORR SPENGLER) Spengler_h.jpg (190268 bytes)
SPENGLER Henry L. 5 Sep 1910 20 Jul 2003 So K At foot of Charles SPENGLER - I have a note that says this is ashes? Spengler_henry.jpg (236852 bytes)
SPENGLER Louis C. 10 Mar 1849 10 May 1933 So L   Spengler_lou.jpg (202991 bytes)
Spengler_r-l.jpg (169818 bytes)
SPENGLER Marguerite A. 30 Mar 1924 not given So K "Mother"  "Wed 1 June 1943"  -  Double stone with C. Arthur SPENGLER Spengler_m-c.jpg (241985 bytes)
SPENGLER Robert Louis 28 May 1939 28 May 1939 So K "Infant" (son of Henry & Harvella SPENGLER) - located at foot end of Rosamond C. SPENGLER grave  -  Cement marker in 2009 - Stone is new as of 2012* Spengler_r.jpg (171952 bytes)
SPENGLER Rosa F. 12 Feb 1856 10 Jun 1938 So L   Spengler_r-l.jpg (169818 bytes)
Spengler_ros.jpg (201075 bytes)
SPENGLER Rosamond C. 18 May 1908 8 Oct 1921 So K "R.I.P." Spengler_rosa.jpg (199685 bytes)
SPRINGER Charles C. 3 Jul 1911 21 Nov 2006 So D2 CPL U.S. ARMY WORLD WAR II Springer_ch.jpg (155052 bytes)
SPRINGER William 12 Sep 1909 4 Jan 2001 So  D1 Cement marker  

Springer_wm.jpg (275062 bytes)

STEINBACH Otto     So F "Nov 29, 1909"  -  Purchase of lot recorded 29 Nov 1909  -  STEINBACK on cement marker * Steinback_o.jpg (256542 bytes)
STEINHOUSE       No G "May 14 1904 IOOF"  -  (Note:  IOOF was put on marker by mistake)  -  Purchase of lot recorded 14 May 1904  -  Cement marker * Steinhouse.jpg (176447 bytes)
SWATMAN W. E.     So E "1912"  -  (Note from county records:  Lydia G. SWATMAN, Age 78 died 19 Dec 1907 at Denver)  -  Cement marker * Swatman_w.jpg (205200 bytes)


If you have any records, photos, family information, etc., we would love for you to share.  Or if you have questions or suggestions, please drop me a line. My email address is County Coordinator


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