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TERWILLEGER Willa B. 8 Feb 1885 31 Mar 1908 So B "At Rest"  "Son of Benjamin & Mary TERWILLEGER"  "Aged 18 YS 1 MO 21 DS"  -  (stone gives death date as "MCH 31 1908") Terwilleger_willa.jpg (75348 bytes)
THATCHER Lute     No E "June 1907" - Purchase of lot recorded 22 June 1907 - Cement marker *  (Note from county records: Thatcher baby stillborn 1 Nov 1909 - Residence: Denver - Father: Lute Thatcher) Thatcher_l.jpg (209010 bytes)
THIESSEN Lester Ricklef 2 Aug 1905 22 Oct 1908 So B (in WASEM lot) Thiessen_l.jpg (259907 bytes)
THOMPSON Claudy Everett 8 May 1891 11 Dec 1896 No C "Son of J. B. & M. E. THOMPSON"  "Our darling one hath gone before To greet us on the blissful shore"  "Holy Bible"  - (stone signed by "G. H. Moody, Moscow") Thompson_c.jpg (196534 bytes)
THOMPSON Sarah M.   25 Jan 1905 So B "Peace Perfect Peace"  "Aged 64 Ys. 5 Ms. 10 Ds." Thompson_s.jpg (208882 bytes)
TILLEY Josie 31 Jul 1886 1 Dec 1913 No C "Wife of L. R. TILLEY"  -  (scroll on white stone with false fractured surface) Rilley_j.jpg (166512 bytes)
TURNER Lewis A. 8 Dec 1888 5 Aug 1898 No A2 "Aged 9 YS. 7 MS. & 28 DS."  "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not" Turner_l2.jpg (193137 bytes)
TURNER Lewis     No A2 Cement marker* Turner_l.jpg (221105 bytes)



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