This cemetery is on private property, there is a metal sign on the highway that says "NO TRESPASSING"

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Name Birth Death Notes  

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Margot   1989  (small upright home made cement marker -  has no last name - lies beside Rudi)   margot.jpg (629116 bytes)
Rudi   1981  (small upright home made cement marker -  has no last name - lies beside Margot)   rudi.jpg (624752 bytes)
Harrison, Dorcus Miller 3 Mar 1894 12 Oct 1979  'Daughter'  (note: wife of Benj.)   harrison_dorcus.jpg (638864 bytes)
Harrison, Dorothy A. 8 Feb 1920 22 June 1939     harrison_dorothy.jpg (666621 bytes)
Harrison, Henry 1917 19 Jan 1921     harrison_h.jpg (639994 bytes)
Harrison, Isaac Nelson 26 June 1922 28 August 1941     harrison_isaac.jpg (654267 bytes)
Hayes, Alexander 10 Jan 1856 16 May 1930     hayes_alexander.jpg (664361 bytes)
Isaac, Rebecca     (no dates or inscription)   isaac_rebecca.jpg (665836 bytes)
Mesame, Jerome   2 Apr 1928  'Aged 85 Years - Missed by all his friends with love. He is at rest' Has footstone mesame_jerome.jpg (613304 bytes)
Miller, Deliah   Died Oct 1894  'Aged 4 Years' Lamb on stone miller_deliah.jpg (624555 bytes)
Miller, John 3 Jul 1864 22 June 1952  'Father' (from Trenary records he is the f/o Dorcas)   miller_john.jpg (663329 bytes)
Miller, Nelson   Died Apr 1895  'Aged 5 Years' Dove on stone miller_nelson.jpg (613093 bytes)
Miller, Sarah Isaac   25 Oct 1936     miller_sarah.jpg (693295 bytes)
Stevens, Eugene James 9 Dec 1913 25 Aug 1965  'Son of Dorcus'

PVT 330 Engr Regt WWII

has 2 stones

stevens-eugene.jpg (672403 bytes)

stevens_eugene.jpg (649201 bytes)
Webb, Bertha Marie 6 Mar 1915 14 Sep 1992  'Daughter of Dorcus' (note: maiden name Stevens/Stephens)   webb_bertha.jpg (680075 bytes)
Photographed and updated October 11, 2014 by Penny Bennett Casey
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