Lahargoue Yoomtis     Ind Monument reads - 'A Nez Perce warrior killed by US troops, July 11, 1877, at the Clearwater Battle, defending our people. Carried from the battlefield and buried by women at Southfork Camp. Body was moved here by Delia Lowry years later.'  
Lahargoue Dorothy Lucille 7-May-13 9-Aug-99 B    
Lahargoue John P. 15-Jul-17 30-Jan-76 B  'Good luck to you, old ridin' Pard - Beloved Husband'  
Lahatt Marguerite Ulery May 28, 1912 Mar 26, 2003      
Laine Edna B 1916 2006      
Laine Elmer J. 1911 1974 A  'Fahter'  
Lamb Anna Louise 1884 1913 A    
Lamb Arthur E. 1891 1969 A    
Lamb Clarence A. 5 Mar 1886 28-Dec-52 A 'Idaho PFC Co E. 28 Engineers WW I'  
Lamb Cleo L. 12 Jul 1883 5-Apr-59 A ' Married Jan 13, 1937' --  (see Glen E. Lamb)  
Lamb Florence Myrtle 7 Jun 1893 13-May-42 A  'Mother'  
Lamb Glen G. 21 Aug 1883 1-Oct-59 A double stone with Cleo L.  
Lamb Ida V. 1897 1983 B double stone with Robin H. Lamb  
Lamb James H. 29 Aug 1859 10-Apr-31 A 'Father'  - double stone with Talitha E.  
Lamb John Arthur 22-Sep-22 8-Oct-04 C  'RM3 US Navy World War II'  
Lamb Robin H. 1889 1951 B see Ida V. Lamb  
Lamb Talitha E. 3 Apr 1864 22-Jul-52 A 'Mother'  - see James H. Lamb  
Land Ellis Ray 1902 1923 A (from cemetery map - plot 3 - Trenary has a casket sale for Ellis Land on Aug 20, 1923) Dbl stone w/Maria Gilbert-Mother  
Lange Effie Jane 26 Mar 1887 5-May-62 B  stone depicts a 'Holy Bible'  
Lange Marion Q. 8 Feb 1883 10-Sep-66 B  stone depicts a 'Holy Bible'  
Lange Ruth Keough 1922 1992 A    
Lanman James     B (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 1776)  
Lanman R. Ted 18-Jun-30 ......... C double stone with Shirley J. Lanman - he has a logging truck inscribed on his side  
Lanman Shirley J. 17-Sep-35 23-Dec-92 C 'Married February 21, 1953'  (see Ted R. Lanman)  
Lauer Verdene M. 1-Dec-41 3-Nov-77 B    
Leasure Blain     B (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 86)  
Leasure Paige Lissette 13-Aug-62 3-Jun-68 B  'Daughter'  
Lee Alta R. 16-Nov-18 10-Jun-92 A Rebekah emblem  
Lee Charles L. 21-Mar-41 5-Jul-96 A 'HMCS US Navy Viet Nam Purple Heart -- Thank you, God, for sharing him with us'  
Lee Leonard L.'Windy' 20-Jun-17 20-Feb-95 A grader depicted on stone  
LeGresley Geneva Louise Timmons Buck Nov 27, 1913 Apr 27, 2007 C  (see Roscoe Edward LeGresley) Buck_geneva.jpg (110343 bytes)
LeGresley Roscoe Edward 26-Feb-15 24-Jul-89 C engraved on a piece of slate rock is a biplane with a missing propeller  (double stone with Geneva Louis LeGresley) Buck_geneva.jpg (110343 bytes)
Lentz A. W.     B (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 114)  
Lentz David F. 15-Aug-34 10-Dec-01 C  Marr 1953 (double stone with Marjorie Lentz)  
Lentz Marjorie J. 17-Mar-36 (n.a.) C    
Leonard Anna R. 1871 1959 A    
Leu Margaret     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
Lewis Grace 1884 1976 A  'Husband and Wife'  (double stone with Gus Lewis)  
Lewis Gustav Albert 1898 1978 A  (see Grace Lewis)  
Lockwood Louis L. 27-Apr-11 29-Sep-82 A  'Pvt US Army WW II'  
Lockwood Maude 11 Dec 1897 7-Feb-70 A    
Loucka Elmer J. 1911 1974    (from previous inventory)  
Loucka Charles J. 19-Nov-12 26-May-00 Ind 'Our Beloved Chuck' - on the back of the stone: 'Son of Rose Chochalla and Joseph Loucka, Husband of Mary L. Flerchinger, Father of John, Jill, Larry, Jerry & Sharon"  (depicts a lookout)  
Lowe George C. 1882 1955 A he still has a metal marker too  
Lowe Hulda S. 1893 1980 A    
Lowe Loyd H. 1914 1926 A    
Lowry Madeline Delia 16 Jun 1877 18-Apr-62 Ind    
Lowry Neoma 1826 1-Oct-23 Ind    
Ludwigs Bryan John 1973 2003 C  Trenary funeral home marker  
Lynn Dorothy Katherine 11-Jan-11 1-Mar-28 A    
Lynn George Lester 13 Jun 1881 23-Jun-61 A double stone with May Amelia Lynn  
Lynn May Amelia 13 Feb 1888 2-May-66 A see George Lester Lynn  
Lynn Mead Emery 21-Aug-08 25-Feb-56 A    
Lyons Mabel A. 22-Feb-21 28-Feb-79 A  'Our Beloved Mother'  
Lytle Lloyd D. 20-Jan-28 4-Dec-74 B  'Married December 23, 1951'  (double stone with Loretta B. Lytle)  
Lytle Loretta B. Dec 1, 1935 Sep 2, 1998   Dbl stone w/Lloyd  


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