MacLean Loretta B. 1-Dec-35 ...... B  (see Lloyd D. Lytle)  
Malcolm Misty Dawn 16-Jun-78 9-Nov-88 B  (Note: John Uhlenhopp, Misty McLean, and Dorothy Stuart all on one marker)  
Marks Eleanor   na B  (this grave is covered with cement)  
Marks James Martin 8-May-19 19-Aug-79 B  'SC 2 US Navy WW II'  
Marks Sadie Elizabeth 15-Apr-22 17-Aug-64 B    
Massey William Henry 18-Sep-17 27-Aug-69 B  'Idaho RDM US Navy WW II'  
Massey Americus "Andy" 18-Jan-27 29-May-92 C    
Massey Americus M. 1874 1948 B    
Massey C. Lee 5-Feb-81 11-Jun-97 C  'Beloved Son, Brother & Grandson' (middle name Christopher)  
Massey Eliza J. Sims 1883 16-Jul-64 B death date is from funeral home marker  
Massey Guy 'Buck' 29-Mar-18 15-Sep-73 B  'Married March 5, 1945' (double stone with Waneta Massey)  
Massey Hazel 15-Aug-09 5-Oct-96 C  (see John N. Massey)  
Massey John N. 27-Oct-02 1-Oct-85 C  (double stone with Hazel Massey)  
Massey Mike Edward 20-Jul-59 6-Mar-83 C    
Matousek Waneta M. 26-Jun-21 25-Sep-99 B  (see Guy Massey)  
Matson Richard   28-Jun-40 B Baby  
Matson Anna Lena 3 Oct 1878 11-Nov-55 B double stone with Anton E. Matson  
Matson Anton E. 20 Nov 1883 17-Aug-67 B 'Married June 17, 1917'  (see Anna Lena Matson)  
Mattix Axel Harold 1-Apr-20 5-Aug-70 B 'Son, Father, Grandfather'  
May * Dorothy Ella 1922 2003 B 'Dot - Beloved Wife, Mother & Grandmother'  
May/ J.C.     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
May/ David N. 1880 8-Sep-61 B death date is from funeral home marker  
McCombs John G. 1888 1951 B    
McCombs Don H. 15-Jul-06 4-Feb-96 C  double stone with Ruth E. McCombs  
McConville Ruth E. 31-Jan-10 ........... C  'Wed September 14, 1934' (also see Don H. McCombs)  
McConville Helen Corbett 26-Jun-10 8-Sep-86 Ind double stone with Matthias  
McConville Kenneth E. 9-Jan-41 1-Aug-65 Ind 'Idaho PFC 114 QM Direct SPT. Co.'  
McCulloch Mathias 2-Feb-07 11-Oct-86 Ind double stone with Helen Corbett McConville  
McFeron Hubert C. 1926 1981 B  'In God's Care'  
McFeron Gilbert J. 29-Apr-24 30-Jun-70 B  'Idaho TEC 5 Co A 114 QM Direct SPT Co'  
McFeron Kelly Jean   16-Apr-66 B  'Baby'  
McFeron Nadine Marie 12-Aug-47 9-Dec-95 B 'Beloved Wife Mother and Grandmother'  
McFeron Verlon   1952 B  'Baby'  
McFeron William E. 1914 1974 B (previous inventory had this: "died  Oct 6, 1974, age 59 years, 1 month, 10 days")  
McGee Zelma L. 1-May-31 19-Apr-92 B  'Married May 4, 1951'  (see Gilbert McFeron)  
McGoldrick Russell 16-Aug-62 11-Apr-02 A    
McGoldrick Clyde A. 7-Dec-26 13-Aug-90 B 'US Navy WW II - Korea'  
McGoldrick Elva Squires 1895 1936 B double stone with James Marshall McGoldrick  
McGuilland * James Marshall 1887 1935 B see Elva Squires McGoldrick  
McKeever * Myrtle     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
McKenzie Dan     B (From cemetery map -  no stone plot 240)  
McKenzie Grace M. 10 Jan 1891 28-Feb-28 A see Kenneth F. McKenzie  
McKenzie Infant     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - Plot 221)  
McKenzie Kenneth F. 7 Mar 1878 1-Sep-69 A double stone with Grace M. McKenzie  
McKinney Thelma Skaife 26 Feb 1896 25-May-73 A Rebekah emblem beside  
McMurphy * Leslie Lynn 29-Nov-61 18-Dec-93 C  'Beloved mother of Jim, Eric, and Cory' -- This unusual marker is a piece of heart shaped wood on which the name and dates are engraved with a roof over the top  
McPherson Harold     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
McPherson Almie M. 3 Oct 1894 27-Jan-64 B 'Mother' --  see William I. McPherson  
McPherson Harriet O. 29 Feb 1877 16-Feb-55 A 'Mother'  
McPherson James 3 Jan 1870 6-May-36 A    
McPherson Jesse 1873 1949 B    
McPherson John Albert 26 May 1899 15-Aug-27 A 'Brother' (double stone with Shelton I. McPherson)  
McPherson Mary Ann 21 Nov 1874 14-Jun-40 B 'Mother'  
McPherson Melvin I. 16-Oct-19 18-Aug-93   'US Marine Corps WW II'  
McPherson Samuel W. 11-Jul-45 15-Oct-86 B 'L Cpl US Marine Corps - Beloved Son and Brother'  
McPherson Shelton I. 12 May 1860 23-Sep-32 A 'Father' (double stone with John Albert McPherson)  
McPherson Theresa Leigh 11-Jul-62 21-Dec-62 A 'Our Little Sweetheart'  
McPherson Vina 1921 1975 B  'Beloved Mother'  
McPherson William I. 17 Dec 1896 26-Apr-67 B 'Father'  -- double stone with Almie M. McPherson  
McQuilliam William I., Jr. 22-Oct-20 3-Dec-53 B 'Son'  
McRoberts * Jennie Myrtelle 1879 1919 A 'Mother'  
McVay Darra     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
Meador Brenda J. 20-Dec-40 26-Dec-98 B 'Our Beloved Mom and Grandma'  
Mendenhall * Oscar 1885 23-Mar-76 B  (actual death date is from funeral home)  
Menear Baby     B (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 158)  
Menear * Virgil 24-Aug-13 30-Oct-74 B  this marker depicts a pheasant and hunting dogs  
Meyer * Barbara     B (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 245)  
Miles Alice     B (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 248)  
Miller Leroy 1914 1982 C    
Miller Jay L. 1907 1936 A 'Pvt US Army WW II'  
Miller Lawton Ray 13-Sep-42 17-Dec-72 B  'Idaho AN US Navy - Vietnam'  
Miller Michael Lee 11-May-44 29-Jul-44 A    
Miller Noah W. 10 Feb 1842 1-Sep-24 A 'Father'  
Miller Ray C. 16-May-13 18-Oct-94 B    
Miller Ruth Lorene 15-Aug-43 7-Mar-47 A    
Miller * Vera Lois Hanson 1914 1980 B  'Sister'  
Mills H.C.     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
Mills * Jno.   no dates A ' Co D. 42 Wisconsin Inf'  
Milton Sally B.     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
Minthorn Arnold 2-Nov-07 16-Nov-59 B    
Minthorn Grover 8 Apr 1887 8-Apr-76 Ind 'Cpl US Army WW I'  
Minton Susie C. 1894 1981 Ind    
Mitchell Edith Augusta 4-Apr-16 24? Jan 2002 C    
Mitchell Alvin R. 1887, Nov 18 1961, Nov 1 B  'Idaho PFC General Hospital 27 - WW II'  
Mitchell Baby Clarence   5-Jun-18 ?  ('Clarence' is from Trenary records - no marker seen in 2002)  
Mitchell John W. 1866 1942 B 'Father' - double stone with Lucy Mitchell  
Mitchell Lucy E. 1869 1946 B 'Mother' - see John W. Mitchell  
Mitchell Verl J. 19-Dec-41 17-Nov-87 B    
Mohr Victor O. 19-Dec-41 22-Jun-80 B    
Mohr Edith Squires 1895 28-Mar-74 B death date from funeral home marker -- see Henry G. Mohr  
Mohr Henry G. 1886 1935 B double stone with Edith Squires Mohr  
Moke Irene 20-Apr-19 18-Feb-93 B 'Married Sep 24, 1937 - Forever In Our Hearts' - double stone with James Nickel  
Monro Olive F. 6 Jun 1884 3-Dec-70 B  'Beloved Mother'  
Montgomery Addie Lyons 1900 1929 A    
Montgomery Estelle I. 17 Feb 1883 4-Aug-59 A  (see Owen W. Montgomery)  
Montgomery Irene   1912 A  Age 2 months  
Montgomery Lucille J. 1919 ....... A 'Married May 31, 1937'  - double stone with Robert Montgomery  
Montgomery Owen W. 25 May 1867 23-May-58 A  double stone with Estelle I. Montgomery  
Montgomery Robert M. 10-Mar-16 25-Mar-92 A 'US Army WW II' -- (see Lucille J. Montgomery)  
Moore Robert W. 26-Jan-38 4-Sep-55 A On a separate stone at the foot of this grave is a marker that reads:  -- 'In Memory of Our Beloved Classmate - Dedicated by the class of 1957'  
Moore Anna Mae   26-Jun-66 ?  'Age 52 years, 1 month, 12 days' (this is from previous inventory - no marker seen in 2002)  
Moore Esther May 6-May-15 7-Dec-03 B 'Beloved Wife & Mother'  
Moore Floyd Russell 30-Jul-16 2-Jul-66 B  'Beloved Husband and Father'  
Moore Herbert M. 1881 1934 B    
Moore Robert L. 1916 1997 B  Trenary funeral home metal marker  
Moore Roy 14 Dec 1892 9-Sep-53 B 'Pvt US Marine Corps WW I'  
Moore * Sara L. 1880 1977 B    
Moore * C.C.     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
Moore * Eva     B (From cemetery map -  no stone plot 277)  
Moors Kenneth     B (From cemetery map -  no stone plot 277)  
Mopin Donald B. 30-Nov-33 23-Aug-92 C 'Beloved Husband and Father' -- this stone depicts carpenter's tools, a hammer and a square  
Morris Gertrude     ?  (from previous inventory - no marker seen in 2002)  
Morris J.P. 'Jack' 21-Jun-22 27-Aug-42 B    
Morris Peter L. 1899   B   'Pvt US Army WW II'  
Morse Viola (Baby)     Ind  (from cemetery map)  
Morse George W. 1-May-05 8-Nov-79 B  (double stone with Viola M. Morse)  
Morse Minnie Evelyn 30 Nov 1875 5-Mar-15 A 'Our Mother'  
Mott Viola M. 23-Jun-13 ......... B  (see George W. Morse)  
Mott Margaret 1891 1988 A    
Mott Wesley H. 14 Dec 1895 5-Jan-86 A '2nd  Lt US Army WW I'  
Moulton Winnie P.   14-Sep-74 ?  'Age 52 years, 4 months, 15 days' - (from previous inventory - no marker seen in 2002)  
Mounter Mrs. N. N.   2-Jun-12 A 'Age 71 years'  
Mounter Gerald E. 18-Jun-15 20-Apr-86 C 'In Our Hearts Forever'  
Mueller Velma Davis Robinson 14-Apr-27 9-Jul-85 C 'Wife - Mother'  
Mueller Dick 11-Oct-38 22-Jul-90 A  (see Doris Mueller)  
Murphy Doris 17-May-34 6-Nov-97 A  'Together Forever' - 'In God's Hands' - 'Our Beloved Sister and Aunt' (double stone with Dick Mueller)  
Murphy Beatrice "Bedie" 1872 1946   double stone with L. B. Tom Murphy  
Myers L.B. "Tom" 1862 1941   see Beatrice Murphy  
Myers James Henry 1855 1941 A    


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