Nanik Joanna Sophia 1856 1929 A    
Nash Delma Fitting 1913 1999 A    
Nash Betty J. 4-Oct-23 ......... B  stone depicts knitting needles and yarn (double stone with William A. Nash)  
Nash Marie E. 15-Dec-30 12-Oct-88 C see Richard L. Nash  
Nash Richard L. 26-Sep-37 ......... C double stone with Marie E. Nash  
Nash Rose M. 1901 1971 B  'Mother'  
Natuk William A. 5-Oct-20 28-Aug-86 B  'William Aca Nash PFC US Army WW II'  
Natuk * Fannie 1902 1957 B 'Sister'  
Nedrow Alex     B (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 130)  
Nedrow * Robert J. 7 Aug 1897 24-Mar-65 B  'Jesus Saves'  
Nelson Lee     B (From cemetery map - no stone - 240)  
Newby Douglas Robert 23-Oct-17 4-Jun-85 B 'Corporal US Army WW II'  
Newby Eleanor 10 Mar 1876 30-Sep-41 B 'Wife'  
Newland Robert 1867 1958 B    
Newland Bertha A. 1892, May 3 1960, Mar 9 B 'Mother'  - double stone with J. Floyd Newland  
Newland Elwin Maurice 2-Apr-18 30-Oct-19 A    
Newland J. Floyd 28 Oct 1892 27-May-72 B  (see Bertha A. Newland)  
Newland * Richard Vernon 19-Jun-21 14-May-22 A    
Newland * Cleve     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 291)  
Newland * Frances     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
Newman Lew     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
Nichols Stephen Paul 21-Nov-75 2-Dec-75 A 'The Lord is my Shepherd - Our little lamb'  
Nickel Richard E. 1927 1999 A Trenary metal marker  
Nickolson James V. 'Jim' 16-Aug-16 12-Nov-04 B see Irene Mohr  
Nickolson Daisey E. 24 Dec 1876 27-Apr-53 A 'Mother'  
Niles * Fidello H. 27 Sep 1867 27-Mar-38 A 'Father'  
Nitz Freeman S.     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 177)  
Nitz Don L. 28-Nov-22 ..... A double stone with Edwina L. (Laine) Nitz  
Norton Edwina J. (Laine) 28-Aug-36 ..... A see Don L. Nitz  
Norton Alphia D. 28 Feb 1881 30-Nov-71 B  'Married August 9, 1917'  (double stone with Vivian D. Norton)  
Norton Emery 'Ray' 27-Feb-19 27-Dec-96 B  military stone: 'S Sgt. US Army Air Corps WW II' -- stone depicts a lizard and a radio type tower with 'K7NDX'  (double stone with Lois Elain Norton)  
Nuckols Lois Elaine 3-Dec-28 ........ B  'Married Dec 3, 1946' (see Emery Norton)  


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