O'Brien Eric A. 2-Jul-68 22-Jun-91 C 'Our Beloved Son'  
O'Flaherty * Zelda N. 1916 1970 A  Brower-Wann funeral home marker  
Olney J. N.     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 176)  
Olson Katherine P. Crook 1887 1959      
Olson Andrew 17 May 1862 15-Mar-36   Home made stone  
Olson Anna B. 1859 1940 B    
Orcutt Victor 1887 1945 B    
Orcutt Emma C. 19-Apr-15 31-Jul-76 A see Henry W. Orcutt  
Orser Henry W. 18-Mar-12 7 Feb 199 _ A 'Married June 2, 1934 - Homesteaders of Black Canyon Project, 1943-1954 in Fruitland, Idaho' -- stone depicts a homestead on the prairie, a woman with a pitchfork and a man with a horse and plow - double stone with Emma C. Orcutt  
Osborne Viola     A metal marker unreadable in 2005 but previous inventory had "Sept ___, age 4 or 40 years, 7 mos."  
Osborne Ethel I. 13-Aug-06 23-Jun-72    Rebekah emblem  
Oswald Lon 1901, Aug 18 1984, Jun 2 B    
Oswald Arnolt 12-Sep-19 26-Oct-02 B  'Father' (triple stone with Ralph & Velda Oswald)  
Oswald Christine Julie 1923 2005 B  Trenary funeral home marker  
Oswald Jens P. 'Pete' 1887 23-Sep-37 B    
Oswald Karen   3-May-76 B    
Oswald Ralph P. 1917 12-May-40 B  'Son' (triple stone with Velda & Arnolt Oswald)  
Oswald * Velda I. 28-Feb-20 (n.a) B  'Mother' (triple stone with Velda & Arnolt Oswald)  
Otto * Arnolt     B (From cemetery map - no stone plot 172)  


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