Pablo Esther     B (From cemetery map - no stone plot 240)  
Pablo John S. 7 Apr 1898 10-Feb-25 Ind On back of stone  - 'Pablo was the first Nez Perce to see active service in the world war until armistice was signed. Serving with the 9th Infantry H.G.T. 2nd Division A.E.F. He was a member of the American Legion, English Toll 97. He was honored and respected by his tribe.' (huge stone with crossed rifles and an American flag depicted)  
Pablo Lizzie 1856 3-Dec-56 Ind 'Ah-Yah-To-E-Tun-My'  - 'Grandmother'  
Packer Samuel J. 1903 1949 Ind    
Palmer Manley A. 15 Feb 1883 17-Aug-61 A    
Palmer Anna Rebecca 28 Jan 1885 5-Mar-07 A    
Palmer * Walter W. 1861 1943 A    
Pankey Orissa     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
Parsell Mary Michelle   4-Mar-70 B  '4 days'  
Parsell * Elmer 4 Mar 1894 12-Dec-68 B    
Parson Marcella     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 280)  
Parsons William Jr. 15 Apr 1887 8-Jul-72 Ind 'Idaho MUS 3 CL HQ Co 38 Fld Artillery WW I'  
Parsons * Nancy Holmes 27 Jan 1879 17-Jan-59 Ind 'Faithful to her trust, Even unto death'  
Patterson Freddie     Ind  (from cemetery map)  
Patterson George Henry 20 Dec 1882 13-Mar-58 A Odd Fellows Chain "In Memory of My Brother"  
Patterson Harry 30 Nov 1886 8-Jan-57 A 'Mech Co H 12 Inf WW I'  
Patterson Henry 1844 1928 A double stone with Sarah E. Patterson  
Payton Sarah E. 1857 1945 A see Henry Patterson  
Payton * Su Kyoung 1936 1997 B    
Pedigo Baby     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 287)  
Pell David R. 19-Feb-26 12-Aug-38 B 'Beloved Son and Brother'  
Pell Edward E. 12 Sep 1876 10-Jan-38 B    
Pell Mildred L. 1889 1968 B    
Peterson Rose Marie 14 Mar 1890 17-May-43 B    
Peterson Henry A. 18 Apr 1892 25-Mar-58 A 'Father'  - double stone with Susan C. Peterson)  
Peterson Orville A. 1934 2001 A 'US Navy'  
Peterson * Susan C. 9 Oct 1891 25-Mar-58 A 'Married October 28, 1915'  - Mother  (see Henry Peterson)  
Petrick Alfred     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
Petrick Ada E. 1897 1991 A double stone with Paul Petrick  
Petrick Bruce 12-Jan-45 3-Oct-67 B  'Idaho SP 4 HQ 2 Bn 50 Inf 2 AD'  
Petrick Paul G. 1887 1964 A see Ada Petrick  
Pfefferkorn Wilfred B. 4-Dec-18 6-May-82 B    
Pfefferkorn Bobby D. 12-Dec-55 8-Jan-59 B 'Son of Mary and Doyle Pfefferkorn'  
Pfefferkorn Devota (Potter) 17-Oct-25 .... B  (see Dorrence G. Pfefferkorn)  
Pffefferkorn Dorrence G. 13-Feb-23 10-Jan-01 B  'Married March 14, 1947 ' --  double stone with Devota (Potter) Pfefferkorn  
Pffefferkorn Frances M. 1931 ..... C double stone with Gerald D. Pfefferkorn  
Phelan Gerald D. 1927 1982 C see Frances Pfefferkorn  
Phelps Timothy Lee 11-Jun-57 10-Oct-59 A 'Son of Mr & Mrs. Robert P. Phelan'  
Pillow * Randy E. 21-Sep-52 1-Aug-75 B  'SP 4 US Army'  
Pitt Harry     B (From cemetery map - no stone -plot 238)  
Pitt Plooma Mae Sargent 1857 1911 A    
Poppe Sampson Perry 1851 1910 A    
Potter Sid 10 Feb 1896 4-Jun-69 A  'Rest In Peace'  
Potter Alice Ilene 1943, Mar 16 1943, Apr 30 B 'Daughter of Glen and Hattie Potter'  
Potter Donald Clinton 4-Apr-18 16-Mar-95 B on the back of stone: 'US Army WW II -- Families Are Forever"  -- double stone with June L. Miller Potter  
Potter Elva D. 14 Jul 1894 3-Feb-71 B see Stanley C. Potter  
Potter George Raymond 1917 1943 B    
Potter Glen Chalmer 12-Sep-21 10-Dec-95 B 'US Navy WW II'  
Potter June L. Miller 5-Feb-22 ............. B 'Married June 16, 1944'  (see Donald Clinton Potter)  
Potter Lola F. Pfefferkorn 4-May-26 ........... B 'Wed May 4, 1947'  -- double stone with 'Pete' Potter  
Potter Lorena O. 1919 1978 B    
Potter 'Pete' M.C. 28-Oct-22 9-Mar-93 B stone depicts an Ace of Hearts and on the back: - 'Merland Clay Potter US Army WW II - Purple Heart' -- (see Lola Potter)  
Potter Ruby 1895 1965 B 'Mother'  
Potter Stanley C. 9 Sep 1891 1-Oct-79 B double stone with Elva D. Potter  
Potter Virgil C. 1891 1952 B 'Father'  
Prescott * Virgil Kenneth 1911 1967 B    
Pritchard Clarence     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
Pursley Donald H. 24-Jun-04 29-Nov-50 Ind 'Our Daddy' - 'The Lord is my Shepherd'  
Pursley Effie M. 1881 1946 B double stone with Harley Pursley  


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