Rackliff Harley E. 1874 1945 B see Effie Pursley  
Rackliff America 1854 1943 A  (see Sumner Rackliff)  
Rainville * Sumner   1933 A  (double stone with America Rackliff)  
Rawson Infant     A  cemetery map has this entry north of Harvey Renshaw - no stone  
Rawson Ricky A. 13-Sep-66 10-Nov-69 B  'God took them home, It was His will - Within our hearts they liveth still' - Ricky, Teana, and Sandy Rawson are all one stone  
Rawson Sandy E. 27-Mar-50 10-Nov-69 B  'God took them home, It was His will - Within our hearts they liveth still' - Ricky, Teana, and Sandy Rawson are all one stone  
Raymond Teana M. 25-Jan-68 10-Nov-69 B  'God took them home, It was His will - Within our hearts they liveth still' - Ricky, Teana, and Sandy Rawson are all one stone  
Raymond Earl J. 4-Jul-42 12-Jun-66 B    
Raymond Leslie M. 29-Jun-11 12-Jul-86 B    
Redling * Wayne L. 5-Mar-41 24-May-59 A    
Reed Scott (Baby)     B (From cemetery map - no stone - w/ Gouges)  
Reed * Walter H. 12-Dec-04 15-Dec-79 B    
Reese Lulu     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 233)  
Reiser Gilbert 1933 1981 B    
Renne' Theodore 11 Aug 1884 1-Mar-41 B    
Renne' June A 1915 Jun 1996, Feb C 'MOM'  
Renshaw Lawrence W. 1911, Oct 1997, Dec C 'DAD'  
Renshaw Alvin D. 1894, Jan 3 1949, Oct 10 A 'Idaho F 1 US Navy WW I'  (also has a stone with Elna Renshaw)  
Renshaw Billie Louise 12-Apr-28 18-Aug-99 A 'A Friend To All'  
Renshaw Bobby 14-Jun-38 27-Jun-39 A 'Son of Alvin and Elna Renshaw'  
Renshaw Elna Marie (Ranta) 2-Sep-06 17-Apr-86 A double stone with Alvin Renshaw - 'Love Eternal as the Selway Mountains'  (depicts a log guesthouse)  
Renshaw Harvey 1869 1931 A    
Reuben * Rose 1875 1945 A (has a rose engraved)  
Rideout Christine     Ind  (from cemetery map)  
Rideout Lettie 1854 1930 A Lettie and Ralph R. Rideout stones are on the same base  
Ringen Ralph R. 1856 1946 A    
Ringen Norman E. 7-Oct-34 25-May-99 A 'Pvt US Army - Grandpa'  
Rivers Ronald Allen 13-Apr-65 12-Mar-03 A  photograph showing a man with a snowmobile (also a pickup truck inscribed)  
Rivers Mary M.   16-Jun-73 A  'aged 69 years, 2 months, 29 days'  
Roach Montell O. 20-May-07 15-Nov-71 A  'The Old Fiddler'  
Roach Frankie J. 26 Dec 1883 12-Nov-56 A    
Roberts Fred 1877 1950 A    
Roberts John M. 1921 1999 A Trenary marker  
Roberts Johnie Ray 10-Jan-34 16-Dec-03 B  (double stone with Lois Jean)  
Roberts Lois Jean 29-Feb-36   B  (see Johnie Ray Roberts)  
Roberts * Willa Dee 1933 1998 A Trenary marker  
Robinett Barbara, John & Kathryn   B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 252)  
Robinett George A. 20-Oct-13 11-Apr-89 A Mason emblem  
Robinett Jess B. 30-Mar-15 10-Dec-79 B  'Sgt US Army WW II'  
Robinette* Katherine A. 8-Feb-19 5-Feb-85 B    
Robinson Melvin     B (From cemetery map -  metal marker in place with no writing)  
Robinson Charles H   8-Aug-18 A  Age 77 years  
Robinson Janice Elaine   9-Jan-75 B  'age 66 years, 7 months, 16 days' (from previous inventory - no marker seen in 2002)  
Robinson John C., Major 1839 1925 A  '10  &  37 Mass Vol. Inf. 61-65'  
Robinson M. Helen 4-Oct-17 19-Dec-70   'Daughter of Ralph and Mila Jones - Interred in Desert Lawn Cemetery, Mohave Valley, Arizona'  
Robinson Marjie Ann 16-Dec-45 9-May-46 B    
Robinson * William D. 1843 1926 A    
Rogers Jim     B (From cemetery map - Jim & Janice are in plot 271)  
Rollins Betty Jane 1928 1981 A 'Mother'  
Rollins Kevin Dean 12-Feb-92 4-Feb-95 C 'Our Little Angel'  
Rolph Loletta Yvonne 'Lettie' 28-Apr-58 10-Mar-95 C    
Ross Millie J. 1926 1992 B    
Ross Charles A. 14-Oct-07 4-Nov-71 B  on back of stone is a masonic emblem - (double stone with Yvonne Hahn Ross)  
Rowton Yvonne Hahn 15-Jun-14 25-Oct-84 B  (see Charles Ross)  
Rowton Homer C. 1882 1947 B 'Father' - (triple stone with Julia L. Rowton & Melvina Armitage)  
Ruark Julia L. 1880 1959 B 'Mother' -  (triple stone with Homer C. Rowton & Melvina Armitage)  
Ruark Dorothy V. 3-Jul-20 30-Aug-64 A    
Ruark Frank L. 25 Dec 1880 Jun 24, 1959 B First marriage to Mary Fitting - second marriage to Elizabeth Mason Farris 

FrankRuark.jpg (29570 bytes)

Ruark Howard E. 31-Jul-19 13-Nov-87 A 'US Army WW II'  
Ruark Mary M. Fitting 23 Apr 1882 Jun 24, 1941 B  

MaryFittingRuark.jpg (38673 bytes)

Russell Arthur C. 1880 1950 B see Iva M. Russell  
Russell Iva M. 1893 1942 B double stone with Arthur C. Russell  
Russell James C., Mrs 23 Apr 1860 1-Nov-23 A 'Mother'  
Ryan Loyd 30-Jul-16 2-Jul-66    (from previous inventory - marker not seen in 2002)  
Rynearson James Milo 10-Apr-21 2-Nov-91 C  'US Merchant Marine WW II'  
Rynearson Emmett E. 6-Dec-14 15-Feb-97 B double stone with June Opal Rynearson  
Rynearson June Opal 4-Jun-20 29-Sep-71 B see Emmett E. Rynearson  -- Married Jul 7, 1937  


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