Sage Louis E. 1941 1945 B    
Said Cheryl Eudene 8-Jul-75 20-Nov-75 B  'Our Daughter'  
Sanders James Harry   20-Jul-67 A Age 87 years, 2 months, 4 days (this marker is nearly unreadable in 2001)  
Sanford * Matt M.   no dates A   'Co M. Minnesota Inf. Sp. Am. War'  
Sargent Lois     B (From cemetery map - no stone -plot 266)  
Schmadeka Sarah Jennie Cole 1831 1915 A    
Schmidt Ethel M. 5 Oct 1892 8-Nov-71 A    
Schneider George W. 25-Dec-12 2-Apr-98 C Mason emblem  
Schneider Betty 30-Sep-23 19-Jun-98 B 'Mom'  
Schneider Ross 5-Jun-22 21-Oct-97 B 'US Army WW II'  
Schofield Samuel Edward 25-Dec-27 30-Jul-92 B    
Schofield Charles H. 13 Aug 1868 2-Sep-32 A double stone with Susan E. Schofield  
Scholl Susan E. 21 Mar 1878 23-May-34 A see Charles H. Schofield  
Schroeder George C. 1905 1982 B    
Schroeder Carl F. 1868 1944 A (double stone with Katherina W. Schroeder)  
Schroeder Katherina W. 1874 19... A  funeral home marker read  'Age 68 years 6 months 8 days' -- (see Carl F. Schroeder)  
Schroeder Katherine 11-Jun-04 19-Dec-72 A    
Schrom Mary E. 1902 1925 A    
Schwartz Ona Ruth 14-Oct-30 30-Jul-02 C  'Beloved Mother & Wife' (she is with John & Hazel Massey)  
Schwartz John 1863 1973 A    
Schwartz Joseph 26-Sep-10 30-Aug-92 A double stone with Lorena Engle Schwartz  
Schwartz Lorena Engle 5-Feb-29 ...... A 'In God's Care'  - see Joesph Schwartz  
Searle Margaret 27-Oct-02 19-Oct-21 A 'Beloved Sister'  
Searle Clara 1881 1966 B double stone with James  
Sears James 1871 1972 B see Clara Searle  
Sechko Samuel G. 'Sam' 1955 1972 B  'Our Beloved Son and Brother'  
Sechko John 1898 1973 A  (see Leota Sechko)  
Semyck Leota 1905 1994 A  (see John Sechko)  
Shanander Brenda Crawford 20-Dec-63 2-Jul-02 C  'Loving Daughter, Grandaughter and Sister' - buried with Thelma & Lester Crawford  
Shaner Joanie Beth   28-Dec-39 A 'Infant daughter of John & Connie Shanander' -- (home made marker)  
Shangle Gordon Fred 30-Oct-43 2-Feb-44 A    
Shannon Jean 28-Nov-10 22-Aug-98 B 'Our Beloved Mother'  
Shaw * Earl L. 8-Sep-06 14-Apr-84 B 'John 3:16'  
Shaw * Billy     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 296)  
Shenander * Charles     B (From cemetery map - no stone plot 295)  
Shriner Infant     B (From cemetery map - no stone)  
Siron Benjamin W. 31 May 1863 16-Feb-13 A    
Siron Florence E. 1911 1992 B  'Wed Nov 21, 1957' (double stone with Van E. Siron)  
Skaife Van E. 1910 1993 B  (see Florence Siron)  
Skaife * Reuben A. 26 May 1890 2-Feb-37 A    
Slasor Thelma     A (From cemetery map -  no stone)  
Slasor Eugenia C. 19-Aug-16 2-Apr-87 A see 'Bill' Slasor  
Smith L.W. 'Bill' 19-Aug-21 ...... A double stone with Eugenia C. Slasor  
Smith Anna L. 4 Feb 1843 25-Jan-25      
Smith Bert 1875 1946 A see Ethel Smith  
Smith Colleen Laverne 10-Nov-44 3-Oct-45 B 'Our Darling Baby'  
Smith Dustin Michael 6-Jan-78 7-Jun-92 B  on back of stone: "A tribute to Dusty - When you look at a stream and see fish swimming, 'I'll be there'. When you walk in the woods and feel the wind, 'I'll be there'. You may cry and feel lonely for awhile 'cause I'm gone, but just know whereever you look or wherever you go - 'I'll be there'. By Jim Bullard" (this stone has his photo)  
Smith Edna L. 6-Apr-12 20-Nov-03 B    
Smith Ethel G. 1880 1950 A double stone with Bert Smith  
Smith Florence W. 1909 1996 B see Fonney Smith  
Smith Fonney E. 1904 1986 B obit says Nov 26, 1986 - double stone with Florence W. Smith  
Smith Frank   11-May-76 B  'age 68 years, 11 months, 6 days' metal marker  
Smith Fred Allan 19-Apr-41 1-May-60 B 'Show me the trails that wind ahead, Where few men's feet have trod, A campfire bright, A fir bough bed, And faith in the ways of God'  
Smith Iva (Hannah) 1887, Feb 1962, Nov 17 B  'Grandmother' (middle name Hannah is from obit)  
Smith Jacob Dustin   23-Mar-95 B?  'In God's Gentle Hands - Conceived From Love' - (marker depicts a heart with baby's footprint)  
Smith James 8-Jun-08 3-Jan-78 A (stone has a carpenter's square engraved)  
Smith Mary Ann 15 Jan 1851 15-Sep-37 A    
Smith Rudolph H.     A 'Co C 84 New York Inf.'  
Smith * Stephen A. 20 May 1844 19-Jan-29 A    
Smith * (?)     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 7)  
Smith * Floyd     A (From cemetery map -  no stone- plot 302)  
Smith * Kolean     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 175)  
Smith * R.H., Mrs     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 58)  
Smothers Ralph     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 243)  
Snyder * George E. 25 Jun 1880 7-Oct-61 B    
Soden John     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 27)  
Spangler Alice A. 1897 1987 B    
Spangler Kenneth S. 6-Oct-26 17-Feb-67 B  'Idaho TEC 5 9952 SVC Unit WW II'  
Spencer Kent Douglas 4-Sep-52 15-Apr-80 B  'Sgt US Marine Corps - Vietnam'  
Sperry Isaac 1902 1918 Ind  (from previous inventory - no marker seen in 2002) Trenary has death in Oct 1918  
Sperry Anna Belle 1896 1965 B 'Mother'  -  see Irl E. Sperry  
Spotett Eagle Irl E., Rev. 1894 1972 B 'Father'  double stone with Anna Belle Sperry  
Spotett Eagle Jessie    9 Nov 1908 Ind double stone with Walter Spotett Eagle  
Squires Walter   3-Apr-08 Ind double stone with Jessie Spotett Eagle  
Squires Albion E. 11 May 1897 24-Aug-65 B 'Idaho Pvt US Marine Corps WW I'  
Squires Alice A. 6-Jul-14 8-Jul-14 A    
Squires Edward E. 1865 1948 A see Mary L. Squires  
Squires Hilda Rose 2-Jun-04 3-Sep-95 B  'Beloved Mother' (stone depicts a church)  
Squires Mary L. 1870 1952 A double stone with Edward E. Squires  
Squires Oran A. 4-Aug-04 25-Jun-64 B  'Rest In Peace'  
Squires Theodore W. 1902 1978 B 'Brother'  
Stadtman Warren F. 1909 1927 A    
Stadtman Margaret M. 26-Jun-28 ....... A double stone with William L. Stadtman  
Stadtman Russell D. 'Did' 7-Sep-08 21-Apr-94 A 'Wed Oct 9, 1937'  -  -- double stone with Vera M. Haight  
Starford * William L. 30-Dec-14 13-May-86 A 'S 1 US Navy WW II'   - he also has a double stone with Margaret Stadtman  
Steen Ed     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 214)  
Steen Alfred L. 5-Jan-12 28-Sep-93 A double stone with Mable Jean Steen  
Steen Elizabeth Bell 1875 1943 A Trenary's has Elizabeth Steen d. Dec 12, 1943, wf/o J. T. Steen (dec'd).  
Steen James J. 10-Apr-34 27-Jan-55 A    
Steen James T. 1855 1930 A (in 2005 James T & Elizabeth Steen have new markers)  
Stephenson Mabel Jean 2-Aug-18 19-Jan-90 A 'Beloved Parents and Grandparents' - Rebekah emblem on ground nearby (see Alfred J. Steen)  
Stephenson Dorothy M. 1925 1982 B 'Mother'  (double stone with Wayne Stephenson)  
Stewart * Wayne B. 1914 ......... B 'Father' -- 'Married 1942'  
Stockard Mary     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 33)  
Stone Mary e. 1921 1991 B  'Beloved Wife and Mother'  
Stone Charles M. 25-May-16 26-Sep-93 C   "MM 1 US Navy WW II" "Married January 2, 1940 - Love Lives On'  (see Geneva Sarah Stone)  
Stone Geneva Sarah 29-Oct-19 .......... C double stone with Charles M. Stone  
Stone Robert C. 14-Mar-56 25-Nov-92 C 'Rest In Peace'  
Stone Rosetta 1928 ..... C    
Strader * Thomas G. 1919 1986 C 'US Navy WW II'  
Stradley * Annie     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 177)  
Straugh James (Baby)     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 251)  
Straugh Alice A. 25 Jul 1857 20-Nov-22 A double stone with William Straugh  
Straw William 27 Oct 1846 15-Feb-32 A see Alice A Straugh  
Straw Baby Girl   5-May-98 B metal marker  
Straw Eddy A. 'Red' 1891 1959 B see Myrtle Straw  
Straw Jessie Fern 24-Jan-16 9-Jan-68 B she has her photograph on the stone  
Straw Myrtle E. 1894 1971 B 'married July 20, 1916'  (double stone with Eddy Straw)  
Straw Robert N. 'Bob' 19-Apr-17 18-Dec-71 B he has his photograph on the stone  
Straw Rosann L. 1944 1946 B Brower-Wann marker set in cement  
Straw-Walden Vinal E. 19-Feb-22 14-Aug-59 B 'Show me the trails that wind ahead, Where few men's feet have trod, A campfire bright and a fir bough bed, And faith in the ways of God'  
Strode Winnifred Vivian 28-May-23 14-Apr-01 B 'Sgt. US Marine Corps WW II'  
Strode Jacqueline M. 4-Jul-27 9-Sep-95 C    
Strohm Thomas E. 23-Sep-27 16-Sep-00 C    
Stuart Kenneth Moore   24-Jun-64 ?  'age 41 years, 5 months 16 days' - (from previous inventory - marker not seen in 2002)  
Swartz * Dorothy Dee 16-Aug-32 9-Dec-95 B  (Dorothy Dee Stuart, John Uhlenhopp, and Misty McLean all on one stone)  
Swearingen Bertha     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 185)  
Swearingen John E. 1929 2000 C  Trenary metal marker  
Syron Larry D. 19-Jul-54 6-Jul-91 C 'In Loving Memory of Our Father - Beloved Brother'  
Syron Freeman Orval 5-Sep-18 29-Dec-01 C  depicts a man in a horse and carriage and a corral with "QV Corral"  "God Walks These Hills With Me"  


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