Taggart * Verna V. 23-Oct-21 21-May-92 C  'The Lord is my shepherd - Remember me with a smile'  -- (stone depicts a wooden corral with "QV Corral" on sign)  
Tate John     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 62)  
Tate Ben H. 1903 1970 A  'Remembered Always' (double stone with Lora Crook Tate)  
Taylor Lora Marie Crook 1918 1976 A  (see Ben H. Tate)  (obit gives death as March 12, 1976)  
Taylor Caroline 31 May 1838 9-Jul-26 A 'Mother'  
Templeman * Pleasant V.   25-Mar-18 A 'Montana Pvt 2 Inf. Montana NG'  
Thenon * Loretta Lytle     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 296)  
Tholl Karl     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 31)  
Tholl Edna M. 1909 1982 B double stone with Ted Tholl  
Thomas Ted H. 1904 1981 B see Edna Tholl  
Thomas Caroline (Clute) 1-Oct-29 ....... C  (this is a double stone with Robert Carl Thomas)  
Thompson Robert Carl 1-Sep-27 1-Sep-04 C  'Artist'  marr. "June 29, 1949"  
Thrush Paul Raymond 14-May-53 13-Apr-97 C  'I Do Love You Still' on back of stone  
Thrush Esther G. 6-Aug-10 17-May-94 A 'Married August 17, 1951'  - see Max Thrush  
Tinker Max A. 11-Jan-10 3-Mar-94 A double stone with Esther G. Thrush  
Tinker George S. 1863 1947 A 'Father'  (see Hattie Tinker)  
Tinney Hattie 1869 1939 A 'Mother'  (double stone with George S. Tinker)  
Tinney Alice M. Mitchell 23 Nov 1896 11-Jul-87 A 'Born in Illinois'   'Died in Kooskia'  - 'Married Dec 18, 1916'  - (double stone with Edgar Tinney)  
Tinney Edgar Mortiman 27 Sep 1890 7-Jan-74 A 'Born in Kansas'  'Died in Kooskia'  (see Alice Tinney)  
Tinney Loyd 3 Nov 1893 29-Apr-53 A 'Idaho PFC 9 RCT Co GEN SVC Inf WW I'  
Tinney * Phoebe Ellen 25 Sep 1851 16-Aug-44 A 'Mother'  
Tippett Betty     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 308)  
Ti-Py-Ye-Leh-Ne Golda 1897 1941 A (new markers for Steens and Golda) (2005)  
Titus       Ind  (see Blackeagle)  
Toll Aloha June 15-Jul-28 4-May-04 C  'Mother'  
Toll James B. 19 Mar 1881 25-Jun-19 A  (stone  nearly unreadable in 2002)  
Toll M. Jeanene 4-Mar-35 4-Apr-35 A    
Toll Marjorie L.   8-Aug-37 A    
Tousignant Mary E. 4 Oct 1863 12-Mar-38 A    
Tousignant Evelyn 1915 1987 A see Wilfred 'Bill' Tousignant  
Tousignant Wilfred 'Bill' 1912 1987 A 'Grandma & Grandpa - Love Always Your Grandchildren'   - double stone  
Trenary Wilfred E. 6-Jun-35 26-Jul-77 A 'US Army'  
Trenary Claude 1910 1999 B Trenary metal marker  
Trenary F.M. 1907 1938 B  (grave has cement over top)  
Trenary Geo. 1879 1942 B  (double stone with Stella has cement over top of both graves)  
Trowbridge Stella D. 1881 1949 B  (see Geo. Trenary)  


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