Wade Nellie B. 24-May-07 4-Feb-98 B  double stone with Fred Vessey  
Wade Roy Edward 17-Apr-44 8-Apr-04 C  'ENJ US Navy Vietnam' - Retired 20 Years US Navy'  
Wagner Shio Matsumoto 5-Jun-34 ............. C  (double stone with Roy Edward Wade)  
Wagner Frank A. 29 Apr 1878 28-Jul-68 B    
Wagner Kaitlin Eugenia   1-Nov-97 A 'Our Beloved Daughter'  
Walasik Lillie M. 22 Mar 1888 28-Sep-71 B    
Walden * Walter 1-Feb-03 22-Apr-90 C 'US Army'  
Waldron Vivian     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 88)  
Walker Robert William 26 Jul 1871 26-Mar-32 A    
Walker Charles E. 1871 1946 A  double stone with Kittie Walker  
Walker Hugh Curtis 30 Aug 1890 21-Jan-58 A 'Washington Pvt 144 MG BN 40 Div WW I'  
Walker Jesse Wilbert 22 Oct 1896 2-Feb-66 A 'Idaho Pfc 18 Reg. USMC WW I'  
Walker Kittie C. 1872 1937 A  see Charles E. Walker  
Walker Lenora 27-Dec-00 23-Jun-78 A    
Walker * Sally August E. 26-Jul-04 9-Nov-66 B  (double stone with Lisel T. Walker)  
Wallace Lisle     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 255)  
Walling * Vera Self 31-Jan-22 29-Jan-96 A 'Beloved Mother and Grandmother - We Love You, Mom'  
Ward Millie     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 253)  
Ward Gary Lee 14-Dec-36 8-Nov-99 A see Sandi M. Laine Ward  
Warrell Sandi M. Laine 3-May-41 ..... A double stone with Gary Lee Ward  
Warrell Freida Beryl 1924 1928 A 'Daughter of F. W. & Nora Warrell'  
Wart James 1836 1930 A    
Wasson Sherryl K. 27-Jul-53 24-Feb-78 A  'Beloved Wife and Mother - In God's Care'  
Way Rodger L. 11-Apr-59 21-Mar-98 C  'Beloved Husband and Daddy' - depicts a modern guitar, a Volkswagen car with "Son Brother Uncle" inscribed on it  
Way Nellie Grace 16 May 1882 23-Oct-50 B    
Weaver William G.     B 'Co E 5 PA Inf.  Span Am War'  
Weber Robert W. 1922 1976 B  'Father'  
Weber Brick     A  (see Kathleen Eldora Weber)  
Webster Kathleen Eldora 2-Mar-15 6-Nov-95 A 'Brick and Dora July 7, 1934'  
Weeks Oliver     ?  (from previous inventory) marker not seen in 2002)  
Weeks Carolyn 18-Sep-32 17-Jun-01 A double stone with Robert H. she has a painting palette on her side.  
Weeks Galeon J. 1-Nov-26 ......... C 'Husband and Father'  (double stone with Henrietta Foulks Weeks)  
Weeks Glen E. 11-Nov-01 28-Jan-83 A see Opal Weeks  
Weeks Henrietta Foulks 10-May-29 23-Nov-83 C 'Wife and Mother'   (see Galeon J. Weeks)  
Weeks Opal M. 17-Mar-05 25-Feb-50 A double stone with Glen Weeks  
Weeks Robert H. 7-Feb-22 6-Mar-96 A 'WW II' (he has what looks like a purple heart on his side of stone)  
Weisbeck Wesley G. 19-Mar-37 26-Jun-51 A 'Our Son'  
Weisbeck Betty Jo 1940 1941 B Betty Jo, Fred B., & Leo H. Wesibeck - one stone  
Weisbeck Charles Samuel 1895 1977 B 'US Army WW I'  
Weisbeck Edison Milo   29-Aug-64 B  'Infant son of Milo and Mary Weisbeck'  
Weisbeck Fred B. 1941 1945 B Betty Jo, Fred B., & Leo H. Wesibeck - one stone  
Weisbeck Leo H.   14-Feb-46 B Betty Jo, Fred B., & Leo H. Wesibeck - one stone  
Weisbeck Mabel Frances 2-Feb-06 10-May-87 B    
Weld Milo V. 7-Dec-38 14-Nov-67 B  'Idaho Sp 5 - Corps of Engineers'  
Weld Jennie Belle 1880 1932 A see Roy Byron Weld  
Wells/Wills * Roy Byron 1879 1943 A double stone with Jennie Belle Weld  
Wesseling John     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 23)  
Wesseling * Glenn J. 20-Nov-08 19-May-89 B    
Wicks John     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 88)  
Wicks Edith V. 17-Mar-17 25-Dec-00 B 'Married May 24, 1935' --- see Marshall Wicks  
Wilkes * Marshall R. 17-Oct-11 ........ B double stone with Edith V. Wicks  
Wilkes * Louise     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 95)  
Wilks * Susan (Baby)     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 142)  
Willey Lyle     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 6)  
Willey Paul Fenn 15-Jan-26 21-Jul-27 A    
Willey Rhoda M. 8 Apr 1890 22-May-70 A Are these two McPherson or Willey  
Williams Wilford B. 21 Mar 1883 2-Oct-45 A Are these two McPherson or Willey  
Williams Andrew J. 25 Dec 1868 21-Jul-43 A  'Married Oct 25, 1891 - Blest Be The Tie That Binds' (double stone with Martha M. Williams)  
Williams Andrew Jackson 1834 1905 A  double stone with Persis Lenore Williams  
Williams Jesse L. 17 Nov 1892 9-Jun-35 A   'Idaho Pvt 331 Aux Rmt Depot OMC'  
Williams Lew W.   7 Nov 1899 A Aged 28 years, 4 months -  Here Rests a Woodman of the World"  
Williams Margaret Walker 1927 1966 B    
Williams Martha M. 11 May 1872 24-May-61 A  (see Andrew J. Williams)  
Williams Persis Lenore 1833 1920 A see Andrew Jackson Williams  
Williams Richard T. 6-Sep-27 25-Feb-73 A  'RD 2 US Navy 1st Sgt. Nev ARNG WW II - Korea'  
Wills Vivian R. 25-Oct-30 29-Apr-98 A  'We are at peace in the valley'  
Wills Charles Preston 1906 1925 A    
Wilson Jackson T. 1870 1930 A Mason emblem  
Wilson Charles L. 'Chuck' 1-Nov-05 13-Nov-77 B 'Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather'  
Wilson Christine Elizabeth 1940 1978 B    
Wilson Clifford J. 27-Oct-19 ............ C 'C.J. "Willy" Wilson WW II Veteran, 1253rd Engineer Combat Batallion"  
Wilson Darla J. 16-Aug-60 12-Jul-00 C  'Beloved Wife & Mother'  
Wilson Hazel O. 1893 1947 B 'In Memory of Mother'  
Wilson Ida Belle (Clute) 29-Apr-17 23-Dec-03 C This is a large upright black stone. On the back is an actual family tree including their parents, their daughter and then their grandchildren (double stone with Clifford J. Wilson)  
Wilson John H. 1889 1963 B 'In Memory of Father'  
Wilson Leora L. Graham 30-Apr-19 ........ B 'Beloved Wife and Mother' --  (violin engraved)  (see Raymon Lamon Wilson)  
Wilson Patricia J. 1941 1979 B 'Beloved Wife and Mother'  
Wilson Raymon Lamon 28-Dec-14 17-Nov-95 B 'Beloved Husband and Father' -- (stone depicts guitar) - this is a double stone with Leora L. Graham Wilson  
Wilson Sarah Elizabeth 19-Jul-19 24-Apr-92 B    
Wilson Vera Mae 6-Aug-03 5-Aug-83 B 'Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother'  
Wingert Woodrow S. 28-May-13 21-Jul-63 B    
Winsor * Anthony J. 1929 1994 C metal marker  
Wohlenberg Glendola     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 285)  
Wohlenberg Adolph F. 1862 1938 B double stone with Julia Wohlenburg  
Womack Julia H. 1866 1951 B see Adolph Wohlenburg  
Wood Absalom 1872 1966 B    
Woodall * Sam O. 1899 1976 B  Masonic emblem  
Woods Wesley     B (From cemetery map - no stone - plot 281)  
Woods Adah H. 20 Apr 1877 26-Feb-63 A 'Mother'  
Woods Jessie May 16-Nov-43 4-Apr-65 B  'Resting in Christ' (double stone with baby Teresa Ann Woods)  
Woods Roland R. 13 Oct 1861 5 Sep 55 A . .


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