Yarbrough Teresa Ann 8-Oct-64 4-Apr-65 B  (see Jessie May Woods)  
Yenney Ruby V. 20-Jun-11 22-Sep-60 B    
Yenney Alice Kidder 1882 1939 B 'Mother'  
Yenney Carl 1874 1942 B (in a cement enclosure with YENNEY on it)  
Yerkovich Lewis R. 1908 1971 B this is a double stone with only one side engraved  
York Katherine A. 1908 1986 B    
York Allen B. 3-Mar-03 6-Nov-67 B    
York Betty 3-Mar-46 ...... C  (see David York)  
York Beverly Jean   1948, Mar 27 B    
York David 12-Apr-42 28-Oct-00 C  'Father'  'Married April 14, 1967' (double stone with Betty York)  
York Earl A. 9-May-08 24-Jul-82 B  double stone with Elvena York  
York Elvena A. 21-Apr-14 30-May-72 B  see Earl A. York  
York Frances A. 1902 1988 B  (see Orvel J. York)  
York Jean W. 6-Feb-06 29-Sep-64 B    
York Keith L. 18-Oct-36 4-Jun-85 B    
York Orvel J. 18 Oct 1898 4-Jun-85 B  'US Marine Corps - WW I'  (double stone with Frances A. York) (dates taken from obit)  
York Sarah A. 7 Nov 1888 28-Feb-75 A  (a tree nearby nearly buries this stone)  
Young * Timothy 4-Jun-69 21-Apr-92 B 'Beloved Son and Brother - Until we meet again'  (Batman engraved on stone)  
Zielke W. S.     A (From cemetery map -  no stone - plot 302 or 392)  
Zielke Fred 25 Dec 1890 22-Jan-68 B  (see Jessie Zielke)  
Zierlein Jessie 11 Mar 1888 19-Feb-78 B  (double stone with Fred Zielke)  
Zierlein Delbert W. 11-Feb-14 2-Aug-97 A  'Dad & Grandpa'  (see Frances Zierlein)  
Zierlein Frances M. 8-Jun-17 22-Sep-91 A  'Married October 20, 1935' - 'Mom & Grandma'  (double stone with Delbert Zierlein)  
Zierlein Oliver W. 17 Dec 1886 16-May-68 A  'DAD' (stone depicts a riderless horse)  
  Walter A. 31-Mar-37 19-Jan-57 A    


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