Idaho County ID Map   (Please be patient, the map may take time to load)

Several of the map coordinates were provided by USGS.  The cemeteries that were not listed on their site have been located by Carol Anglen from Bill Salmon submitted the Elk City area listings via GPS device.  Thank you both for all of your continued support and assistance.

If you find a cemetery listed incorrectly, please email me the correct coordinates and I will research and change the listing to reflect the correct area.

This is a "work in progress".  I will soon have a link from the map to the cemetery listing on the Idaho County Genweb site, if it has been made available.

Clicking On Map Will Show: Latitude::Longitude:

The script and coding to build this map came from The Google County Map Generator by David Crosby and Joy Fisher.

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Click the "+" or "-" buttons or click and move the slider on the left side to zoom in or out. You can also double-click the map to zoom in. Note: The detail available on the Satellite view varies across the county. If you receive an "We are sorry" message or a blank screen just click on the "-" button until the map reappears

Clicking a flag on the map or the name of a cemetery on the right, will display a balloon with information about the cemetery. Clicking on the cemetery name in that bubble will take you to our on-line inventory if available

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