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The original burial ground for Elk City was in the woods above the present location of the school.  There were no records and no permanent markers.  Bones were sometimes found in that area when excavation was done for the school or other buildings.  The later Elk City Odd Fellows Cemetery was located on the hill above the intersection of Sweeney Hill Road and Elk Creek Road.  There used to be a list of all the graves, but it is said that the list was sent to Kooskia for safekeeping and the Odd Fellows Hall there burned down, so the list was lost.  At present, there are residents of Elk City trying to reconstruct it, but information is very hard to find. 

In 2004 Bill Salmon of Elk City compiled this listing, which I have updated with photos and other information since. 

LOCATION:  On hill above intersection of Sweeney Hill Road and Elk Creek Road,  at approx.  45o 49' 44.2" N,  115o 26' 39.4" W.The original records for this cemetery were lost in a fire.  This is an attempt to reconstruct the list using all resources available after 1990.  This cannot be considered completely accurate. Almost no markers exist. The cemetery was used from around 1906 until 1952. There were also earlier gravesites near the present school location, but no record exists of their locations, and there are no markers remaining.

Sources:  Research by Clara Smith, Carol Anglen, Iris Pitcher, Bill Salmon; Clara Smith's interviews of Dave Schwartz and Mrs. Hubert Lawyer; Iris Pitcher's interview of Gertrude Maxwell.

The photos were taken by Penny Casey in 2012.  The cemetery was in a sad state and has not been taken care of.  There were many wooden stakes driven into the ground marking burials, but with no names.  There were also many indentations where burials were, but no stones.  

The photos are watermarked.  If you are a family member I would be happy to email you a clear photo that does not have one.  Just send me an email.


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Name Born Died Comments Photo Sources
???,  Susan J. Remains of wooden marker in 1991 read "Susan J."  (no marker found in 2012)

no marker

Allen, William "Billy" ca. 1859 in KY Saloon keeper; may have died 1942 in Grangeville no marker GM; C1920
Ayers, Charles Albin 25 Apr 1873 12 Oct 1950 EC pioneer, died at Kamiah Nursing Home. no marker IDI 4708
Biddle, Estelle Mae 10 Jun 1904 4 Aug 1935 Originally had tombstone - no marker found in 2012 no marker Ailor 1-160; IDI 95379
Belor, Leslie ca. 1853, Canada 27 Dec 1936 No marker; Ailor records list name as "Bolor" no marker IDI 101913; Ailor 1-228; C1910
Booth, Harvey A. 24 May 1889, WA 15 Mar 1946 no marker IP; C1910, C1930
Brawner, David G. March 29, 1839 Feb 15, 1915 Newspaper has his name incorrectly, as David J. Brewer no marker Sharon Brawner
Bradford, George 27 Jun 1917 Black man, well liked.  Lived in EC 20 yrs. no marker ICFP, Jun 1917
Brown, George "Big Neck" 1851 in MA. 1938 Local pioneer; lived in Orogrande and EC

Brown-Geo.jpg (1028278 bytes)

GM; C1920, C1930
Burke, Rory 20 Apr 1860, Canada 4 Mar 1939 Miner no marker C1920
Cole, Jack no marker GM
Cole, Mrs. Jack no marker GM
Condit, Edward Wittham 19 Oct 1874 27 Mar 1933 Miner, married to Agnes Condit

Condit-Ed.jpg (1135101 bytes)

Ailor 1-43
Davis, Leo Leroy 6 Apr 1909 6 Apr 1909 Son of Aldice and Bessie Davis; lived only 4 hrs. no marker ICDA 170
Dove, Garret C. 1846, IN 11 Nov 1909 Died of TB no marker ICDA 234
Esh, James J. 6 Nov 1917 11 Mar 1926 Has tombstone in 2012

Esh_-_james.jpg (968761 bytes)

Felts, Maxwell Ray 7 Jan 1888, CA 6 May 1932 no marker IDI 079564; C1930
Foss, Anna G. ca. 1862 after 1930 no marker MHL; C1930
Foss, Emulous Roscoe 26 Aug 1848, ME 16 Oct 1938 no marker Ailor 1-299; IDI 111317
Foss, Roy no marker MHL
Foss, Walter ca. 1934 Son of Roy Foss no marker MHL
Franklin, Alfred "Fred" ca. 1868, OR no marker IP; C1910, C1920
Gallagher, Thomas ca. 1841 26 Oct 1907 Died of pulmonary abcess and alcoholism no marker ICDA 37
Greckwell, Richard ca. 1868, Norway after 1930 no marker IP; C1910, C1930
Greckwell, Rebecca Ethel "May" ca. 1871, PA 4 Feb 1935, Orofino no marker IP;  IDI 92593; C1900, C1930
Green, Ellsworth ca. 1857 5 Nov 1922 Single miner; died of self-inflicted gunshot no marker IDI 40001
Gustafson, Jacob August 1863, Sweden 25 Sep 1925, Orofino Civil War vet; called "Little Gus" no marker IDI 51076; C1920
Harris, Billie (Mrs.) Dec 1933 - Feb 1934 No marker no marker Ailor 1-83
Harris, William H. 23 May 1856, Canada 3 Jul 1941, Grangeville no marker Ailor 2-119; IDI 125206; C1920
Harsh, Frank Allsbin 1 Sep 1872, IL 17 Jun 1935 Has tombstone & footstone in 2012 Harsh_-_frank_o.jpg (1153923 bytes) Harsh_-_frank.jpg (1131734 bytes)
Heckman, Martin 30 Mar 1859, Germany 15 Jun 1942, Kooskia no marker IP; IDI 129605; C1920
House, Abe ca. 1852, IA May have died 9 Feb 1929 in Mtn. Home, ID no marker IP; C1900, C1910; IDI 065318
Houseman, Henry no marker IP
Hyde, Jack Apr-May, 1933 Worked at Gnome Mine no marker Ailor 1-44
Kee, Lee "Sleepy" China 17 Nov 1933 Funeral at IOOF Hall, EC no marker IDI 86661
Kinkaid, Minnie E. ca. 1874, IL Husband, U.G. Kinkaid, buried at Prairie View no marker C1900
Kronk, Frank Suicide no marker GM
Larsen, James Peter ca. 1871, Denmark 14 Sep 1933 Miner; died of stroke; wife buried in CA no marker Ailor 1-70; IDI 85965; C1910; C1920
Lynch, Martha J. ca. 1855, TN 19 Oct 1909 Died of pneumonia; husband James buried in Dixie no marker IDI 232
Massam, Henry 11 May 1867, Canada 28 Jan 1929, Lewiston no marker IDI 65532; C1920
Massam, John R. ca. 1864, Canada 16 Apr 1934 no marker IDI 88662; C1920; C1930
McGregor, Reuben 10 May 1875, MN 7 Jan 1952 Died in MN; said to be last buried in EC cemetery no marker C1910
Monroe, A.D. or J.D.? Abt. 1847 19 Dec 1930 Died at Burgdorf. T.M. Burleson and M.R. Felts came from Grangeville and took the body to Elk City for burial.  Mr. Monroe was 83 yrs old, a carpenter and miner and was well known in Idaho county.  He had made his home with Mr. and Mrs. Felts at Elk City for quite some time.  Click here for obituary no marker
Montgomery, John ca. 1860, England 1925 Has tombstone in 2012

Montgomery-john.jpg (1032187 bytes)

Morris, (Moses?) Hilo ca. 1840 5 Mar 1911 Burned to death in his cabin no marker ICFP
Natwick, David ca. 1859, Norway May 1936 no marker Ailor 1-197; C1920; C1930
Parr, Mary Anna 7 Jun 1847, AR 25 Nov 1914 Owned Parr Hotel and Colonel Sellers Mine no marker IDI 9411; C1900
Poyneer sons Two sons of Harry and Bertha Poyneer no marker
Reed, Pearlie Josephine Dec 1933 - Feb 1934 no marker Ailor 1-82
Reeser, Jewel ca. 1830, PA? Suicide no marker GM; C1870
Ross, Lewis Casey ca. 1855, in CA 14 May 1908 Died of intestinal obstruction no marker ICDA 171
Ruark, baby 21 Oct 1907 31 Oct 1907 Son of John Ruark, died of erysipelas no marker ICDA 38
Russell, William "Peg Leg" ca. 1836, NY 3 Oct 1909 Suicide with strychnine in Olympus Saloon, Elk City no marker ICDA 231, ICFP
Schnell, Wilber Leon 15 Mar 1910 15 Mar 1910 Stillborn son of Edward and Bessie Schnell no marker ICDA 247
Scott, Benjamin Blair ca. 1870, Canada Initially at Newsome. Running EC store after 1910. no marker IP; C1900; C1910; C1920
Shuck, Harriet Josephine 10 Apr 1871, IA 1 Oct 1950 Wooden cross still there in 2012

Shuck-Harriet.jpg (1012693 bytes)

Ailor 3-298; IDI 003791
Shuck, Henry Charles 27 Nov 1868, IA 1 Nov 1942 Wooden cross still there in 2012

shuck-henry.jpg (1103601 bytes)

Ailor 1-196; IDI 131575
Sweeney, Henry A. "Hank" ca. 1870, Canada 29 Dec 1939 Suicide.   Buried beside wife Martha. (there is an indention in the ground but no marker was found in 2012)  Click here for obituary no marker IDI 117231; C1920
Sweeney, Martha 1869, Canada 1924 Has tombstone in 2012

Sweeney-martha.jpg (1148719 bytes)

Tiernan, Henry Jul 1837, Ireland 12 Mar 1906 Early pioneer miner no marker C1880, C1900
Warbrick, Pearl Aug 1901, Grangeville 7 Dec 1935 Daughter of Ross Foss no marker Ailor 1-173; IDI 97032
Whittaker, Philip H. ca. 1878, England ca. 1945 no marker MHL; C1930
Williams, Mary Jane Edwards Mar. 3, 1901     Dec. 31, 1929 This record is on Find-a-grave This stone was not visible in 2012 - but could have been under the grass. williams-mary.jpg (6918 bytes)
Winhiser, Kelly Miner, called "Salmon River Kelly" no marker MHL
Ailor - Aior Funeral Home Record (Grangeville)
C1900, C1920 etc. - U.S. Census for 1900, 1920, etc.
ca. - "circa," meaning approximate date
GM = Recollections of Gertrude Maxwell
ICDA = Idaho County Death Abstracts
ICFP = Idaho County Free Press (newspaper)
IDI = Idaho Death Index #
IP  = Research by Iris Pitcher
MHL =  Recollections of Mrs. Hubert Lawyer, former nurse of Doc Boyd


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