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This cemetery is located on the Old Brust property on Joseph Plains.  It is about 33 miles Southwest of Cottonwood between the Snake and Salmon River. 

This new gate was placed in 2007 by Gary Longfellow, whose grandparents are buried in the cemetery.

All photos courtesy of Carol Anglen. 

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Blanchett, Mr. and Mrs. - no stone .
Damron, Christian Dee   1875 - 1924

Chris_Damron.jpg (215724 bytes)

Dobbins, James M    1851 - 1926

James_Dobbins.jpg (325481 bytes)

Dobbins, Robert & Margaret

Bob_Marg_Dobbins.jpg (218465 bytes)

Graham, John 

Graham_brothers.jpg (55876 bytes)

Graham, James 

Graham_brothers.jpg (55876 bytes)

Graham, William  - William did not die on Joseph Plains.  His ashes were brought here to be placed with his brothers.

Graham_brothers.jpg (55876 bytes)

McCune, Mr. - no stone .
McDougall, Dale 1908-1934  Drowned in river .
Talbott, Minnie E.  Nov. 8, 188?-April 7, 1922

Minnie_Talbott.jpg (227870 bytes)

Watkins, Mr. - no stone July 1919  *see notes below .
Wright, Arthur  1881-1963 ashes  (son of Samuel) They have two separate tombstones, but one grave, as his ashes were buried on top of his father.*

Art_Wright.jpg (118569 bytes)

Wright, Samuel   1853- April 7,1922   

*Note from Carol Anglen: Samuel and Art Wright are both buried within a fence which can barely be seen off to the right in the picture of the gate.

Sam_Wright.jpg (221033 bytes)

* Mr. Watkins is said to be the first burial.  There was not a cemetery before his death.  He died at his homestead, but was not found for quite some time. No relatives were known, so there was a dilemma as to what to do.  So,  J.L. Brust donated an acre of his land for a cemetery.



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