Glenwood - Grandview - Lutheran Community Cemetery

Contributed by: Carol Anglen

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Cemetery is located on Kidder Ridge and is sometimes referred to as 'Kidder Ridge' cemetery. However, the sign on the gate reads "Lutheran Community Cemetery, Kidder Ridge, Glenwood and Grandview". Records are kept by John Solberg. Cemetery walked in 1999 by Eldon & Carol Anglen and proof read with help from Alice Smith of Clearwater.

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ANDERSON Hans F. 1860 1939
KIELE Arthur Paul 23 Apr 1895 4 Mar 1967
KIELE August C. 1858 1918
KIELE Louise M. 1868 1956
KIELE Willie G. 1904 1994
MANLEY Joseph 1904 1983
MANLEY Viola 1905 1991
MEISNER Alvena 1900 1928
MEISNER Lydia 1907 1909
MEISNER Marie 1870 1919
PETERSON Jo-Ann 23 Mar 1935 31 Oct 1981
RINGEN Orville William 1903 1975
RINGEN Pearl Christine 1883 1973
RINGEN Theodore Jos. 1932 1982
SIVERSON Harry S. 11 May 1924 24 Oct 1977
SIVERSON Katherine 6 Jun 1868 19 May 1918
SOLBERG Karen R. 1866 1939
SOLBERG Knud 1862 1945
SOLBERG Lena 1869 1946
SOLBERG Mabel 4 Apr 1896 27 Jul 1983
SOLBERG Nels 2 Mar 1894 18 Apr 1983




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