This is a complete list of burials in the family plot.  This is not a designated cemetery, just a family graveyard.  It is on private property a couple of miles north of Elk City.  This was submitted by the late Bill Salmon who was the unofficial Litchfield family historian. Please contact Salmon family for permission to access the property.  It is not possible to drive to the graveyard. There is no room for any further burials.  

Photos were taken in 2012 by Penny Bennett Casey.  Click on the photos for larger views.  If you are a family member I will be happy to send you photos without the watermark.  Just send me an email.

John Charles Litchfield 5/29/1854 8/9/1926 Litchfield-sarah-john.jpg (1105768 bytes)
Sarah Elizabeth Smith Litchfield 

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11/8/1857 11/23/1920 Litchfield-sarah-john.jpg (1105768 bytes)
Alma Allen Litchfield Hye 8/6/1886 10/4/1914 (murdered) Hye-alma.jpg (912756 bytes)
William Grant Litchfield  7/12/1881 8/10/1940 Litchfield-wm.jpg (1070133 bytes)
Stanley Watkins Litchfield 2/15/1883 12/3/1943 litchfield-stanley-eva.jpg (1039395 bytes)
Eva Lotta Litchfield (Stanley's wife)   3/4/1874  11/14/1939 litchfield-stanley-eva.jpg (1039395 bytes)
Ruth Elizabeth Litchfield Fruett (ashes)  7/13/1895 10/6/1977 Fruett-ruty.jpg (681564 bytes)
Jack Fruett (ashes - Ruth's son)  No Dates No Dates fruett-jack.jpg (906449 bytes)
Unknown Surveyor  No Dates No Dates wooden_cross.jpg (811226 bytes)
The story goes that this person is known only as "The Short Surveyor".  The surveyor was said to have died while rooming with J.C. and Sarah Litchfield and that he was buried in the Litchfield plot because he had no known relatives.  We may never know his true identity.



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