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There are six known graves at this site.  It is located 1/4 mile west of the old town site of Newsome, on the south side of Baldy Creek.  This was contributed by Bill Salmon, with the help of Mike Peterson.  Mike descends from the Shearer family that is buried there.  


Fredrick Augustus Shearer 11 April  1816 Adams Co., PA. 16 Dec. 1904 Died at Newsome, ID
Susan Elizabeth Gordon Shearer 8 Nov 1814 Frederick Co., MD 26 March 1901 Died at Newsome, ID (wife of Frederick)**
**The Shearers were married 8 Jan. 1837 in Frederick Co., MD and later moved to Winchester, VA, where they had three children --George Maxwell Shearer (b. 1841), Virginia (b. 1843), and Elizabeth (b. 1846).  The family migrated to California in the 1850's, then to Idaho Territory.  After 1862, they operated a ferry across the Salmon River at Elkhorn Creek, carrying miners and supplies on the trail from Florence to Warren's Camp.  Frederick and Susan later lived at Slate Creek and Mt. Idaho before ending up at Newsome.
George Daniel Shissler 14 April 1832 Sunbury, Northumberland Co., PA 1898 Died at Newsome sometime in 1898.
Mrs. Wells . . . Died enroute to Elk City.  No further details.
Jack Tracy . . . No further details
Ben Appleby A prospector who was working a sluice on Newsome Creek, south of town.  His body was found in his campfire in 1926.  He was born in Missouri about 1860 and lived as a boy in North Greenfield, Dade Co., MO.




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