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This Cemetery is located  in Secesh Meadows on the Warren Wagon Road.

** To find this cemetery - from McCall follow the paved Warren Wagon Road.  The cemetery is located about 11 miles before you reach Warren and about 1 mile before you reach the Secesh Stage Stop.  In May of 2000 the entrance to the cemetery was marked with a sign.  As you come in from McCall turn left and up a hill.  You can drive all the way in to the cemetery. It is quite nicely maintained with a fence around it.

Contributed By: Larry Kingsbury  

**Notes with added information from Carol Anglen

 Beaton, Alexander - Owned a Hotel and ran the Stage Stop  Died 1938
Behrens, Gerhardt - died in snow                                 Died  April 1905
Hubbard, Calvin R - killed in accident                            Born April 27, 1880   Died May 5, 1922
Fernan - Baby (twin)
Fernan - Baby (twin)
Flint, William ( Bill)                                                           Died 1905
Kindroot, Frank Dr.         Died  March 22, 1993

**Memorial - In 2000, locals at Warren stated that Mr. Kindroot is not buried here.  He liked the area and this is a memorial stone only. 

Long, Chris - murdered                                                  Died  June 1904

**Chris Long and L.D. Wall were killed in 1904 by Rudolph Wetter, by Resort (Burgdorf)

Martin, Billie Marie     B.  June 22, 1913   D. Sept. 8 1996  **this is a double stone with Robert Martin and is probably ashes.
Martin, Robert E.   B. Jan. 11, 1914  D. Nov. 3, 1993       **this is a double stone with Billie Marie Martin and is probably ashes.   
Thorpe, Mrs. Herbert Baby  - Died 1909

Legend has it that Mrs. Thorp came to a tragic ending.  Her husband abandoned her.  She became distraught.  She climbed to the top of a large granite rock.  This rock is on the north side and above the Secesh River.  Mrs. Thorp, holding the baby in her arms, jumped off the rock and into the shallow Secesh River and ended their lives.  The rock that she jumped from can be seen from the northwest corner of the cemetery fence.  Look northwest.      

**Note from Carol Anglen - Mrs. Thorpe fell into Secesh Creek while fishing and was found by her husband and sons when they returned home from work.     

*Also see Obituary                                

Otis, Mrs. - drowned in the river
Wahn, John Claude - murdered                                     Died 1904
Wilt, Carl - cremation Urn and Headstone                      Born April 3, 1931       Died May 12, 1990

**Eng. 2 U.S. Navy, Korea


News article from "The Star News" about the Secesh Cemetery

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Local control sought for Secesh cemetery.  Grave markers date as far back as 1885

By Lucia V. Knudson

The backcountry community of Secesh Meadows could have possession of its cemetery in six to eight months if a proposed deal between the Payette National Forest and Idaho count is completed.  The Secesh Pioneer Cemetery lies on Payette National Forest land adjacent to Secesh Meadows, about 35 miles northeast of McCall in Idaho County.  The county and the residents of Secesh Meadows would like to acquire the Secesh Pioneer Cemetery for its protection and for use by their citizens.  Seventeen individuals are buried at the small, fenced plot, including a set of twins and a mother and her infant.  Twelve of the burials are considered historic by the Payette forest with the oldest dating to 1885, according to the Payette forest.  Two of the historic graves each bears a white cross lettered by hand with the word "Unknown".  A winding, rutted road about one-tenth of a mile long leads from Warren Wagon Road to the cemetery's small dirt parking lot.  There are a few modern graves with bronze plaques, but the majority are marked with white wooden crosses.  A white picket fence surrounds one of the older graves.  Idaho County commissioners have decided to proceed with acquiring the land, Chairman Pat Holmberg and Commissioner Alice Mattson said.  The forest Service is also willing to undertake the transfer which would give Idaho County  authority over the cemetery and administration for the property, McCall District Ranger Randy Swick said.  "The reason for the transfer is that it's not part of our mission to be in the cemetery business," Swick said.  The transfer would be made under the Town site Act of 1958, which provides for the sale of federal land to local governments after a satisfactory need can be shown and after public notice.  The McCall Ranger District has already presented Idaho County with a rough estimate of the property's value - between $12,000 and $16,000 - although a formal appraisal will be done later, Swick said.  Once the Forest Service and the county agree to the sale, a formal appraisal of the property would be made along with an environmental study.  The acreage involved in the proposed sale is larger than the one-half acre on which the cemetery is located.  The rough appraisal is for about five acres, but the county would like another 2.4 acres tacked on for use by local organizations.  The land would be used as training area for the local fire and emergency services, and as an "outdoor classroom" for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Holmberg said.  The cemetery is routinely cared for by a five-member committee, said committee President Jim Rector of Riverside, Calif.  The committee has year-round residents as members, Rector said.  This is the second cemetery transfer under consideration by the forest service.  Last year, the Boise National Forest began formal proceedings to transfer control of the pioneer cemetery in Yellow Pine to Valley County.




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