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Burial Listings Contributed by: Carol Anglen, May 2004

In June 2009 Penny Bennett Casey visited the cemetery and took photos of all headstones.

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Headstone Photo

ANSCOMB Maurine Taylor 1898 1946

Anscomb.JPG (172003 bytes)

Minnie S.
6 Aug 1880
26 Aug 1916
- "Wife of John W. Ashby - Love - A Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"

Ashby.JPG (269486 bytes)

. 1869
*from 1870 mortality schedule - Casper Farrel age 43, born in Sweden, died in December 1869 of unknown causes in the Slate Creek district. Occupation, miner. Note: there is no proof that he is buried here, but he died in the area. .
Joshua S.
- "Our Pioneer Friend" - *Mr. Large stated that Mr. Fockler had a store and a bar combined at Freedom, "dry goods on one side and wet goods on the other, you could take your pick." Josh was a bachelor and died of pneumonia. He was from the East. Back of his stone was a Rebekah emblem.

Fockler.JPG (179101 bytes)

GEARRING JAMES P July 24, 1924 April 22, 2003 U.S. Army WWII

Gearring.JPG (171103 bytes)

Carol B.
18 Apr 1876
2 Feb 1949
this is a dbl stone with Hattie *birth date from Brower-Wann

Gilbert.JPG (185049 bytes)

Hattie M.
21 Jul 1882
26 Apr 1967
see Carol B. Gilbert

Gilbert.JPG (185049 bytes)

1893 1985 .

JamesLarge.JPG (202515 bytes)

Lela Gilbert
1906 1943

LelaLarge.JPG (186545 bytes)

1890 1931 Double stone with Thomas

ThomasLelaLarge.JPG (166795 bytes)

1850 1937 *Mary and Samuel Large are parents of Ben Large

MaryLarge.JPG (180982 bytes)

1832 1918 *Mary and Samuel Large are parents of Ben Large

SamLarge.JPG (177131 bytes)

. 1924 *infant dau/o Thomas and Lela

SarahLarge.JPG (204191 bytes)

1889 1933 dbl stone w/Lela

ThomasLelaLarge.JPG (166795 bytes)

MANUEL . . . see Margaret Popham .
McLEE John 12 Jun 1823 27 Jan 1893 - "Born in County Tyrone, Ireland" - stone is broken and lying flat on ground in 2009. Photo is not very good, as I didn't have my whisk broom. I will try to get a better one later

McLee.JPG (303758 bytes)

. 1869
*from 1870 mortality schedule - Jas. O'Callahan, age 51 born in England, died of consumption in October 1869 in Slate Creek district. Occupation miner. -Note: there is no proof that he is buried here, but he apparently died in this area. .
12 May 1831
18 Nov 1869
- "Wife of George Popham" "Alt Merthy Tidvil, Glamorganshire, South Wales, England" *(Merthyr Tydfil, Wales) - Mrs.Popham is mother/o Jeannette Manuel who was killed by the Indians in the NezPerce War of 1877. Geroge Popham (1821-1910) is buried in Mt.Idaho cemetery - this stone is upright under what is said to be mulberry bushes - the only bushes in the cemetery *From 1870 mortality schedule - Margaret Popham age 45, born Wales, died December 1869 of cancer of bowels.

Popham.JPG (52258 bytes)

R. . . . .*right back of Josh Fockler a heavy metal marker with no names or dates, only the initial R. It has a dove of peace, Easter lily and seven stars, probably a Rebekah marker. (Note: this was not seen in 1999 or in 2009)
Samuel Howe
1902 1919 *Info from Deborah Starr 8/23/04

Son of Frank & Caddy Taylor.  B. Jun 14, 1902  D. Jan 24, 1919 in Weiser, Idaho.  He was going to boarding school when he got the flu and died.

He has a metal plate on cement

SamTaylor.JPG (158629 bytes)

Taylor.JPG (257575 bytes)

Frank Lester 1869 1944 * Info from Deborah Starr 8/23/04 - Frank and Mary had seven children and a homestead on McKenzie Creek, *Ailor records say he was born Apr 14, 186(7) in Iowa and died Apr 12, 1944 in Portland, OR.  Frank was in Portland working in the ship yard for the war effort.

Frank_L_Taylor.JPG (167948 bytes)

FrankTaylor.JPG (185105 bytes)

TAYLOR Evan "Mark" Nov 17, 1911 Fall 1998 *Info from Deborah Starr 8/23/04 

Ashes placed on top of Frank and Caddy Taylor's graves.  No headstone as of 2009.  

TAYLOR Patrica A. Apr 27, 1922 Jan 2002 *Info from Deborah Starr 8/23/04

Maiden name Chaney. Daughter of Everett Chaney and Doris Chase Chaney.   Married Mark July 22, 1943.  Ashes Placed on top of Frank and Caddy Taylor's graves. No headstone as of 2009.

Mary Caroline "Caddy"
*information from Deborah Starr 8/23/04

Daughter of Sam & Isabella Benedict.  Husband of Frank L. Taylor

MaryTaylor.JPG (150082 bytes)

Adelaide Maurine
. . *Info from Deborah Starr 8/23/04 

Daughter of Frank & Caddy Taylor  B.Dec 24, 1898  D. 1946   Married Jim Anscombe Jan 1, 1917.  According to family history there is a baby of Jim and Maurine buried here, but no marker.  

UNKNOWN . . . This stone is in the middle of the cemetery.  It could just be a Salmon River rock, but I believe it could have been a marker for one of the burials listed.  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Unmarked_Stone.JPG (206163 bytes)

Francis M.
. 3 Sep 1977
- "Born in Saco, Maine - Died at Freedom , Idaho, - Aged 45 Years" this stone is lying down flat on the ground in 1999 & 2009

FrancisWood.JPG (179296 bytes)

WOOD Mary C.
. 24 Sep 1883
-"Born in Beverly, Yorkshire, England - Died at Freedom, Idaho - Age 70 Yrs 11 Ds" this stone is lying down flat on ground in 1999 & 2009

MaryWood.JPG (164911 bytes)




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