The following is a listing of persons that we know died in Idaho County, but have not been able to find their burial location.  If you have information as to where they are buried, please contact me.  Your help is greatly appreciated.


Name Birth Date Death Data Source Notes
Benedict, Sam   Jun 1877 From "Indian Braves and Battles with more Nez Perce Lore" by N.B. Adkison, ICFP, 1967  He was killed by the Indians in War of 1877. His burial site is not otherwise found in Idaho county cemetery database.
Bertard, Peter   Jun-Jul 1877 From "Indian Braves and Battles with more Nez Perce Lore" by N.B. Adkison, ICFP, 1967 James Baker, George Woodward and Peter Bertard were all killed by the Indians at the same time.
Blewett, Charles   Jul 1877 From "Indian Braves and Battles with more Nez Perce Lore" by N.B. Adkison, ICFP, 1967 A civilian scout buried at Cottonwood house
Bu, Ah   Nov 1879 1880 Mortality Schedule He was hanged in November, age 35, miner, resident of Idaho county five years.
Burrese, Albert Odel   '2 Apr 1989' Obit newspaper?  cremation - no place of burial given
Campbell, Bill   1900-02? p.163 River of No Return, Carrey/Conley A likeable Scotsman who disappeared the winter after the "Three Blaze Trail" was built from Grangeville to Buffalo.
Dawson, P. ca. 1829 Mar 1879 1880 Mortality Schedule Killed by Indians in March, age 50, male, white, single, born Alabama, miner, resided Idaho county10 years
Evans, (no first)   7 Jul 1877 From "Indian Braves and Battles with more Nez Perce Lore" by N.B. Adkison, ICFP, 1967 Source says he was buried near Cottonwood and the grave of Capt. Randall...
Farre, German   Dec 1879 1880 Mortality Sched. Age 48, male, white, single, wood chopper, born in France, died from pleural pneumonia, resided in county 10 years (Recording physician was  J.O.M. Ford)
Fenn, infant   Aug 1879 1880 Mortality Sched. Infant, age 1 day, male born Idaho, father born CA, mother born, OR, premature birth, Dr. J.B. Morris (is this baby the son of Frank & Florence Fenn?)
Fleming, Fred 'Sorty'     p.228-229, River of No Return, Carrey/Conley He built a cabin 150 yards up T-Bone Creek. He inherited some money and went on a binge with his partner Slim Forrester. He bought a car, spent his money fast and died in the summer after the "blowout was over."
Fletcher, Allie M.   Jan 1880 1880 Mortality Sched. Age 1 day, female, premature birth, both parents William and Mary born in England, (reporting physician, J.B. Morris, M.D.)
Harmony?, Thomas   Sep 1879 1880 Mortality Schedule Age 18 years, born KS - Drowning - father born KY, mother born PA
Hay, Toc   Jun 1879 1880 Mortality Schedule Age 30, Chinese, married, died from inflammation stomach, resided in Idaho county 4 years. (reporting was Lee Foo, M.D. - his bones probably returned to China with one of the collections)
Hollyhan, (no first)   Nov 1880 1880 Mortality Schedule Age 63, white, married, laborer, J.B. Morris, M.D." (Note: Holohan? and may be related to Michael below?)
Holohan, Michael   Jan 1880 1880 Mortality Schedule Stonemason, age 46, died in January from pneumonia contracted in Boise. Born in Ireland - Died in 17th Dist. (probable wife Mary and children were in 1880 census)
Howser, D.H.   Jul 1877 From "Indian Braves and Battles with more Nez Perce Lore" by N.B. Adkison, ICFP, 1967 He died of wounds received 5 Jul 1877 trying to help the soldiers...
Jones, D.M.   Mar 1880 1880 Mortality Schedule Age 54, married, farmer, died from heart disease.
Kelley, Mary E.   Feb 1880 1880 Mortality Schedule Age 2 years - inflammation stomach - from Holyoke MA, mother born in Ireland
Kerr, James Mason '14 Feb 1889' '4 May 1930' p.250, River of No Return, Carrey/Conley - also State Record no.071258 Murdered in the barn by a drunken ranch hand. He could be buried in Riggins but there is no record. Death record names him James 'Orson' Kerr. Dates are from Idaho Death Index.)
Knudsen, Swanson 'Swen' Jul? 1901 Idaho County "NEWS" 1886-1903, Anglen - also River of No Return, p.238 An ornery cuss that had whipped his neighbors and was ambushed and shot to death on the trail to Florence.
Linn, Gim   1879-80 1880 Mortality Schedule Drowning, Chinese, age 37, miner, resident of the county for 3 years, parents live in Hong Kong.
Lockwood, Robert? E. 'Artie'   Idaho County "NEWS" 1886-1903, Anglen Died from accidental discharge of a gun.
Mahurin, Beatrice   Bef 1908 p.243, Idaho County Voices Infant of Stephen & Mary (Bender) Mahurin
Martin, Bobbie J. Tomlin 15 Jan 1989 ICFP obit buried 21 Jan 1989 unknown site
McDonald, Alec   Mar 1913 River & Prairie NEWS 1904-1913, by Anglen Alec McDonald left his cabin near Warren to go to Frank Jordan's, some 16 miles distant. A storm and bitter cold came up and he never arrived at Jordan's. A search was made, but he was never found.
McKinley, William   Feb 1879 1880 Mortality Schedule Age 1 year, died from diarrhea, father born in Idaho, mother born in Kentucky. (Possible son of Alex & Nellie Holohan McKinlay?)
McQuade, Charles   1897 p.156, Idaho County Voices He owned a store in Whitebird, died in 1897, but may not have died there. He is not in our local cemetery database.
Peasley, infant   Feb 1880 1880 Mortality Schedule Male infant, age 1 day, father born in Maine, Mother born in Ohio, died from convulsions (some Peasley(s) lived in the Cottonwood area)
Peasley, Maud   Oct 1879 1880 Mortality Schedule Age 4 months, inflammation of the brain, father born Maine, Mother born in Ohio (Note: There is a Peasley street in Cottonwood, possibly named for Josiah Peasley)
Powers, Thomas   Jul 1879 1880 Mortality Schedule Age about 30, born Maine, horse breaker, died from enlarged liver resided in Idaho county 1 year. J.B.Morris, M.D.
Robinson, Benjamin   at birth p.261, Idaho County Voices Source says he was the son of Statira and James Robinson
Stone, John   Feb 1870 1870 Mortality Schedule Age 45, miner, died in Feb from venereal disease. Born in Illinois
Thompson, Pearl & Earl   p.285, Idaho County Voices Twin children of Charles & Myrtle (Wyatt) Thompson, said to be buried in Cottonwood cem? (Note: not on Cottonwood cemetery maps)
VonBerge, Ilsa Magdalena c.1890? p.288, Idaho County Voices She died in the year that their home burned
VonBerge, John Frederick 23 Jul 1801 24 Apr 1891 Idaho County "NEWS" 1886-1903, Anglen He died at the home of his son, William, in Grangeville, burial place not given (he is not in Idaho co. cemetery database)
Walrich/Warlich, Theodore Jun 1886 Idaho County "NEWS" 1886-1903, Anglen First ordered hanging at the courthouse in Idaho county
Yut, Ah   Nov 1879 1880 Mortality Schedule He was hanged in November, age 38, male, Chinese, married, resident of county for 5 years.

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