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Burial Listings Contributed By: Larry Kingsbury

Photos Contributed By: Becky Johnstone

There are only two Chinese buried in this cemetery.  Please see the Warren Chinese Cemetery for other listings. You must walk up a very steep trail to get to the cemetery.  It is on private property. There are some wooden fences, and some markers.  Not all burial locations are known.  At present, there is no one that takes care of the upkeep of the grounds, and it needs some tender care.  Perhaps there are volunteers out there that would like to get involved?! Please see the photos at the bottom.  They show the run-down condition of the graves.

Ah Sam (Jung Chew) 1863 1933 Honorary Mayor, because he was so well liked
Applegate, Rachael 1862 1863 not in cemetery, other location
Bablon, John 1897 Mined the Tow Head Claim, nicknamed him Tow Head
Bankie, Edward 1830 1900
Barker, George 1790 1876
Bemis, Alfred 1876
Besse, Rube 1816 1898
Blackwell, Brad 1911 1933
Brecker, Frank 1887 French Frank
Brown, Kate Day 1871 1893 Mrs. Walter
Brown, R.A. not in cemetery
Carson, Bud "The Swede"
Carson, Frank
Chambers, Jack 1901
Chapman, George 1855 1921
Child 1887 Ramon ?
China Sam 1917
Collins, Mickey
Cooper, Bill not in cemetery, other location
Copenhaver, Tom 1843 might be buried at McCall
Dawson, Tom 1935
Donnelly, Upton 1846
Duniway, Ida Smead 1873 1899
Earl, Nate 1834 1901
Elite, Mr.
Fisk, Arnold "Red" 1900 1984
Fisk, George 1912 1936
Floyd, Aaron 1822 1896
Ford, Mr.
Fulton, Fern 1906 1907
Gallagher, Nate W. 1825 1897
Gray, Nels
Green, George 1847 1920
Grover, Jack 1898
Hambly, Dick 1908 Shot by Steve Winchester
Hanthorn, Eleanor Adkinson Smith Brown VanDeventer 1850 1926
Hanthorn, Frank
Harrison, Henry 1898
Hauber, Frank 1820 1889
Hexter (boy) 1884 1887 buried beside infant sister, not in cemetery
Hexter, Carrie 1883 1888 not in cemetery, other location
Irwin, G.V. 1898 youngest child of Frank Irwin
Jenkins, Nathan B. 1822 1901
Johnson, Charles 1834 1882
Keathon, Robert 1817 1902
Kelly, Mellissa Morris 1848 1925
Kelly, Wm. J. 1836 1911
Klippel, Fred 1875
Kupper, Gus 1862 1923
Lehman, Ruben 1931
Long, (baby) 1894 4 wk. old daughter of James A. & Annie E. Long
Long, James A. 1857 1928
Mayes, Alvin "Dutch" 1910 1973
Mays, Eileen abt. 2003
McGary, Ira 1860
Mitchell, Frank 1849 1932
Morgan, William 1892
Morris, Fred 1875 1905
Nevins, Mike 1853
Noyes, James Q. 1810 1881
Orcutt, Ike 1825 1893
Patterson, Elmer E. 1862 1935
Patterson, George 1850 1924
Patterson, John 1846 1921
Pickelle, Jack abt. 2001
Rains, James 1840 1879 Killed be Sheepeater Indians (some say he is buried here, others say at his ranch at the Badley Place)
Rhoda, Gus 1826 1896
Ripley, Joseph 1822 1889
Ripson, J.A. 1838 1873
Royal, Charles 1821 1876
Sanderson, A. H. 1816 1880
Schieler, Dollie Morris & infant 1878 1900
Smith, Herman L. Nov. 27, 2000
Smith, Joyce abt. 1994
Stark, Charlie 1830
Troll, Charles 1852 1917
Unknown  ?ocoe? 1881 1905
unknown child
Williams, Issac 1898
Williamson, Mr.
Wilson, Jack 1871 1892
Wilson, Thomas H. 1850 1920
An Old Chilano 1797 1875




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