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Inmate Last Name Inmate First Name Crime Convicted Year Incarcerated
Allison Thomas Assault with a deadly weapon 1908
Anderson Milford Everett 2nd Degree Burglary 1916
Anderson Dwight J. 1st Degree Burglary 1922
Anderson Wayne 1st Degree Burglary 1936
Annable George M Rape 1930
Bates John William Assault with a deadly weapon 1919
Beck Arley Grand Larceny 1899
Behler William 1st Degree Murder 1943
Bendelski Edward A Infamous crime against nature 1941
Benoy Jeanette Manslaughter 1928
Benson aka Swanson J K E aka John aka Knute Emil aka Frank Arthur 2nd Degree Burglary 1925
Bess Cecil C Grand Larceny 1929
Binnion Lem Rape 1923
Blevens John Austin Grand Larceny 1890

Boje aka Boge aka Bogi aka


John C. aka

John Carl

Forgery 1940
Broncheau Dan   Manslaughter 1930
Brown Arthur   Rape 1922

Bull aka

Black aka

Larkin aka


Robert aka

Bob aka R.F

1st Degree Burglary 1940
Burgund George J. Grand Larceny 1923
Burke Carl Grand Larceny 1933
Carlin James P Burglary 1901
Carpenter George L. 2nd Degree Burglary 1940
Chase Clifford 2nd Degree Burglary 1913
Childers aka Howard Robert F. "Slim" Grand Larceny 1903
Conner Raymond Joseph Forgery 1939
Corrado William E. Forgery 1923
Cox John P. Assault with a deadly weapon 1891
Crea James B. Manslaughter 1904
Crook Arthur Jerome Grand Larceny 1911
Darnell Paul E 1st Degree Burglary 1937
Davis Thomas Albert Assault with a deadly weapon 1911
Davis William Infamous crime against nature 1938
Day Charles Collins Grand Larceny 1890
Deasey Guy Grand Larceny 1938
Dinwiddie Charles Elmer Grand Larceny 1936
Dunham Charles    Grand Larceny 1926
Egan Thomas Assault with intent to murder 1907
Ely Delbert Richard Rape 1937
Evans Diller Adultery 1933
Evans Frank 1st Degree Burglary 1940
Fairhurst Clyde Charles Glenn 1st Degree Burglary 1938
Fritzler Frank Grand Larceny 1929
Frye Bert G. Burglary 1911
Gabriel Elling Grand Larceny 1914
Geidl Max Grand Larceny 1903
Gilbert Andrew 2nd Degree Murder 1901
Goodwin George Unknown 1864
Griffith William Edward Grand Larceny 1926
Gross Jacob Leeman Attempt to burn an insured property 1918
Haraldson aka Haroldson aka Harrison aka Harldson aka Adolph Gust aka Gus aka Gustav Criminal syndacalism 1920
Harless Warren Reed Forgery 1934
Harman aka Huffman James Grand Larceny 1918
Harry Watson Owen Forgery 1940
Hartwig Jacob Forgery 1909
Higgins Beecher Ward Assault with a deadly weapon 1916
Higgins Beecher Ward Arson 1918
Hill Milton Grand Larceny 1933
Hinkley William Arthur Grand Larceny 1938
Hinkley Merle Lewis Grand Larceny 1938
Hobart Claude Lenington Forgery 1940
Howerton Claude Grand Larceny 1930
Hutchinson Alfred W. Grand Larceny 1885
Hye Frank 2nd Degree Murder 1915
Jabeth Harrison Grand Larceny 1911
Johnson Oscar "Baldy" Abduction for prostitution 1912
Jones Oliver E Assault with intent to rape 1929
Kohlhepp George Edward Rape 1940
Lancaster Edward A Rape 1905
Lancaster Edwin L Grand Larceny 1927
Lotte Nathan Grand Larceny 1911
Lytle Austin aka "Two Gun Farrel" Grand Larceny 1930
McGann Daniel L. Manslaughter 1901
McKinnon Allen Embezzlement 1915
McNulty John Grand Larceny 1880
Mead George 2nd Degree Burglary 1914
Meidel Henry E Assault with a deadly weapon 1916
Meyers Otto 1st Degree Burglary 1933
Miles David James Manslaughter 1938
Miller J.H. Grand Larceny 1915
Moore Joe "Dutch" Grand Larceny 1912
Moore Wesley William Grand Larceny 1936
Murphy Harry Edward Grand Larceny 1939
Newel Asa Robbery 1904
Nodar Samuel Joseph Attempt to commit sodomy 1941
Pase aka Newman George Allen aka Enis aka Allen 1st Degree Burglary 1938
Peck Henry R. Grand Larceny 1912
Pennise Salvatore Infamous crime against nature 1941
Pierce Harry S. aka Henry S. Grand Larceny 1890
Pierce Elmer Grand Larceny 1936
Pomeroy aka Jones aka Shaw Eugene aka Elby Woodrow aka Orval Walker 1st Degree Burglary 1936
Potter William Raymond Grand Larceny 1939
Potts James Shannon Rape 1919
Powless aka Pawless Joe aka Joseph aka William aka William Jokton aka William Jockton aka William Joktan Grand Larceny 1929
Prettyman Ray H 2nd Degree Burglary 1916
Putnam Stuart T aka Stewart T Robbery 1935
Randall Orrion 1st Degree Burglary 1899
Rhoades Bert Robbery 1904
Rice Glen Selling intoxicating liquor to a minor 1927
Rigley aka Young Bartley R. or K.B. Assault with a deadly weapon 1900
Riley George Perjury 1910
Rooke William I. Grand Larceny 1905
Rutherford Ralph Hottel Assault with a deadly weapon 1939
Ryan Jame Emmet Forgery 1938
Sandborgh aka Stevens Albert A aka James A 1st Degree Burglary 1928
Sandee Gust Adolph Gustafson Criminal syndacalism 1920
Schieler  Harry H Manslaughter 1894
Schumann Harold Attempt to commit sodomy 1941
Shissler (Schlesler) Harry F Manslaughter 1906
Simpson Burnett McDowell Forgery 1928
Smith Sampson Grand Larceny 1908
Soards Henery (Henry) Assault with a deadly weapon 1908
Sorrow Joseph 2nd Degree Murder 1908
Steele Thomas Grand Larceny 1939
Steen Earl Grand Larceny 1915
Stirewalt John Incest 1936
Stratton Ernest B Grand Larceny 1936
Thomas Fred E Voluntary Manslaughter 1910
Toschi Fortunate 2nd Degree Burglary 1940
Ulrich Clarence Forgery 1920
Utley Guy 1st Degree Burglary 1925
Vaughn Paul E Grand Larceny 1930
Vevle Herbert Embezzlement 1936
Walsh Thomas Forgery 1930
Watson Harry Owen Forgery 1935
Wetter Rudolph 1st Degree Murder 1904
White aka Murphy Frank aka William Henry aka Lee Assault with a deadly weapon 1934
Williams   Dennis J. 1st Degree Burglary 1939
Williams aka Moore Raymond aka Woodford aka Bill Grand Larceny 1939
Wilson Jack Grand Larceny 1864
Wilson Robert Elbert aka Bob aka Claude Escape by one charged with a felony 1936
Wilson Howard Grand Larceny 1915
Winkler aka Vhlenkott aka Uhlenkott aka Lightfield Norbert aka Ben 1st Degree Burglary 1935
Zipse Clifford Albert 1st Degree Murder 1940
Lee Kie Grand Larceny 1880
Ma Sun Yum Grand Larceny 1880

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