FRIDAY, JULY 30, 1886


Judges of Elections - the following appointed to act as judges in their respective precincts at the general election in November 1886.

Mt. Idaho - Wallace Scott, Jos. Harrison, Thos. Surridge

Fairview - John N. Rice, John Gelbach, James Holt

Clearwater - Walter Clark, Thos. Wall, J.T. Silverwood

Elk City - J.C. Young, Giles Morton, Henry Ternan

Grangeville - J.H. Robinson, J.F. McLean, H.H. Pearson

Cottonwood - G.S. Bectes, J.L. Eckert, T.J. Yandell

WhiteBird - T.J. Swarts, George Gallaway, R.H. Rice

Slate Creek - Larry Ott, E.W. Robie, N.W. Earl

John Day - N. gould, Phil Cleary, A Carver

Elk Creek - F.A. Shearer, Wm Allison, J.S. Kelly

Warrens - George Riebold, J. Peterson, Frank Smith


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