Jury List from the Idaho County Free Press - Friday, September 10, 1886

The following is the venire summoned to appear at Mt. Idaho, September 15, 1886 to serve as grand and petit jurors before the district court.

Grand Jurors

Petit Jurors

P.H. Ready

Jas. Witt

Jas. Carnes

A.C. Lanningham

Chas. Bentz

W.L. Costly

T. Jeffries

H.H. White

John Coram

F.B. King

R.C. Pendell

J Peterson

D.H. Dribbs

T.J. Davis

G.W. Hashagen

A. Shatzle

P. Cleary

W. VonBerge

H. Titman

M. Williams

J.S. Fuller

J.H. Tipton

Jas. Surridge

Eli Coder

J.G. Rowton

W. Hill

Delos Carr

H. Ternan

Jos. Cash

A.H. Cummings

W. Scott

John Aram

C.M. Haworth

D. Nixon

J.R. Atkinson

W.G. Knighten

R. Watson

P.E. Sherwin

Ed Ferree

L. Ott

A.B. Rooke

C. Rochepierre

H.C. Miller

A. Carpenter

F.M. Bowman


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