Idaho County Free Press 03/26/1942--front page
Will of Wealthy Bachelor gives $99,000; Niece Is Given $1000
   All but $1000 of the $100,000 estate of the late James A. Grier was left to the Children's Home Finding and Aid  society it was revealed in probate court here Friday afternoon when the will was admitted for probate.
  Judge Hampton Taylor admitted the will, executed on March 15, 1939, and heard Will Huyette, Clarkston, testify he had witnessed Mr. Grier's signature to the will on that date.  The will provided that $1000 be apportioned from his estate to a niece, Mrs. Myrtle Eaton, Wendell, Idaho.  A sister, Amelia Douglas, Wendell, Idaho, and a brother, Louis Grier, Seattle, Wash., who survive were not mentioned.  A close friend explains that Mr. Grier once said his brother and sister "are better off than I am."
  Paragraph in the will specifically naming the Children's Home as benefactor states: "I hereby give, devise and bequeath all the rest of the property as owned by me at my death, of whatsoever kind or character and wheresoever situate, to The Children's Home Finding and Aid Society of North Idaho, Inc., headquarters and principal place of business at Lewiston, Idaho"
  Mr. Grier suffered a cerebral hemorrhage February 7 and died in a Lewiston hospital February 26.  In the will he requested a Christian burial fitting to his station in life.  Services were held in Grangeville March 2 in accordance with his instructions.
  William J. Crea was named administrator and R. F. Fulton as attorney for the estate of the will.
  Mr. Crea has been farming 800 acres of land owned by Mr. Grier in the Fenn district and had handled his personal and financial business the past several years.  Mr. Grier owed not a cent at time of his death.  The estate is roughly divided into $60,000 in personal property such as bonds, mortgages, notes and cash in the First National bank at Grangeville, First National bank at Cottonwood, First National bank at Lewiston and Lewiston Savings and Loan association, and $40,000 in real estate consisting of farm land on Camas Prairie and residential property in Lewiston.
  Mr. Grier was born in Westport, Wisconsin, where he grew to manhood.  He spent several years in the middle west before coming to Grangeville in 1899.  He invested $8,000 (3?) in real estate in vicinity of Fenn shortly after his arrival and added more land from time to time.  He was physically handicapped by a back injury which prevented manual labor.  He supervised farm operations, however, until retirement a few years ago.  During recent years Mr. Grier resided in Grangeville except during winter when he occupied quarters in the Lewis-Clark hotel in Lewiston.  He was a bachelor.
  Several years ago while in Lewiston he formed a fondness for watching boys and girls play on the lawn at the Children's Home.  He would request his driver to go to the vicinity where he could sit and watch the youngsters romp and play.  Mrs. Kathryn Wolfe, superintendent of the Children's home, who was in court Friday when the will was read, said she had never seen Mr. Grier and was not aware of until after his death that her institution had been named as benefactor in the will.  She said the bequest will be placed in an endowment fund, as is a policy of the society, and only earnings on the principal will be used.  Accompanying Mrs. Wolfe in court was Mrs. Marion Swedland, field representative for the society.



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