Idaho County Ephemera & Old Documents

A great collection of old documents and Ephemera.  I will keep adding as time allows.

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Jersey House Letterhead Grangeville

B.B.Scott - Elk City

Dr. Bibby - Grangeville

Bank of Grangeville

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Bushue & Herzog  Ferdinand

Cash Store - Cottonwood

Dixie Chief Mining Co

Elk City Mines

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Fenn Co-op Telephone Co

Fenn Co-op Telephone Co

Ft. Misery Hwy Dist - Winona

Sheriff George Seay

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Grangeville Appliance

RARE - Bank of Grangeville

Justice of the Peace - J.L. Hussman - Cottonwood

Kooskia State Bank

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Mt. Idaho Court 1889

Schmidt & Pedersen  Keuterville

1864 Sheriff Sale Posting Slate Creek

1864 Sheriff Sale - List of Items - Slate Creek

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Vollmer & Scott Grangeville

1873 Idaho Territory

1881 Vollmer - Mt. Idaho

1889 Weiler & Wax-     Mt. Idaho



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