Gilbert Harmon Farris

(My Great Grandfather)


We actually have two branches of the Farris family in our past!

We can trace our Gilbert Harmon Farris back to his Grandfather, who was also names Gilbert Farris. This Gilbert Farris married Dicey Farris. We do not know from where Gilbert came from, so have not been able to find the connection between Dicey and Gilbert, but perhaps they were cousins. Or perhaps there was no connection. More research is needed.

We can trace Dicey's family back to Ian Esom Farris, who hailed from Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2003, I corresponded with Sandra Mc Intire in Iowa through many emails. The information she had to tell me was very interesting and seemed to include our Gilbert H. Farris. She has done extensive research, along with Randall Farris's genealogy, and keeps track of most of the Farris lineages through her "Farris Most Wanted List".


I have separated the different branches into their own files.  Click on the name to open the PDF file. 

Please let me know if you connect to any of my surnames. Click HERE to email me.  I would be happy to invite you to my Farris Family MyFamily.com site if you are a relative.

Ian Esom Farris - 6 Generations
Gilbert & Dicey Farris - 9 Generations
James Benoy - 4 Generations
Joseph Kinkaid - 3 Generations
Abraham Howard - 3 Generations
Robert Polite - 3 Generations
John Smith - 6 Generations





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