Hinkle, Girton, Wilson, Davis

 & McPherson Families

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Beauford_Hannah_Gray-_Harold_Wilson_-_Rodeo_1940.JPG (89525 bytes)

Beauford Hannah Gray - Harold Wilson

Harold_Daivd_Wilson_8.JPG (998582 bytes)

Harold David Wilson

Harold_David_Wilson.JPG (354878 bytes)

Harold David Wilson

Harold_David_Wilson_7.JPG (530027 bytes)

Harold David Wilson

Chester_Wilsons_Army_Company.JPG (529913 bytes)

Chester Wilson's Army Company

Farm_1.JPG (332721 bytes) Farm_2.JPG (452534 bytes) Farm_3.JPG (450793 bytes)
Farm_4.JPG (546966 bytes) Farm_5.JPG (586085 bytes) Farm_6.JPG (316962 bytes) Farm_7.JPG (348285 bytes)
Farm_8.JPG (560312 bytes) farm_9.JPG (387340 bytes) farm_10.JPG (703777 bytes) Farm_11.JPG (121518 bytes)
Farm_12.JPG (318063 bytes) Girton_Children.JPG (57207 bytes)

Girton Children

Girton_or_Hinkle_Wedding_In_Idaho.JPG (136816 bytes)

Girton or Hinkle Wedding

Gitting_Ready_For_The_Ride-Wm_McPherson_between_horses.JPG (357082 bytes)

Getting Ready for a ride - Wm. McPherson between horses

Harold_David_Wilson_3.JPG (339012 bytes)

Harold David Wilson

Harold_David_Wilson-_Beauford_Hannah_Gray.JPG (323032 bytes)

Harold David Wilson - Beauford Hannah Gray

Harold_David-left.JPG (279420 bytes)

Harold David Wilson on the left

Idaho_Bridge.JPG (329036 bytes)

Idaho Bridge

Ira_David.JPG (466078 bytes)

Ira David

Ira_David-_Earl-_Otis-Ferdie_Wilson.JPG (569228 bytes)

Ira David, Earl, Otis, Ferdie Wilson

Ira_David_Elizabeth_Davis.JPG (114347 bytes)

Ira David - Elizabeth Davis

Ira_David-Ferdie_Wilson-bros-sister.JPG (424192 bytes)

Ira David & Ferdie Wilson - Brother & Sister

Ita_David_-Elizabeth_Wilson.JPG (297063 bytes)

Ira David - Elizabeth Davis

John_L_Wilson.JPG (328639 bytes)

John L. Wilson

Larry_McPherson.JPG (1112732 bytes)

Larry McPherson

Lizzie_-_baby_Harold_David_Wilson_1_Aug_1916.JPG (363078 bytes)

Lizzie - Harold David Wilson - the day he was born - 1 Aug. 1916

Lizzie_Girton.JPG (49384 bytes)

Lizzie Girton

Old_Mill.JPG (3620476 bytes)

Old Mill

Old_Mill_2.JPG (4821258 bytes)

Old Mill

Old_Mill_3.JPG (3744490 bytes)

Old Mill

Sarah_Davis_Harold_David_Age_4-Chester_Ira_age_1.JPG (164365 bytes)

Sarah Davis - Harold David Age 4 - Chester Ira Age 1

Taken_by_Chester_Davis.JPG (3945636 bytes)

Bucks Fighting - photo taken by Chester Davis - Game Warden - Elk City

Taken_by_Chester_Davis_2.JPG (2472826 bytes)

Photo taken by Chester Davis - Elk City

Taken_by_Chester_Davis_3.JPG (2883570 bytes)

Photo taken by Chester Davis - Elk City

Taken_by_Chester_Davis_4.JPG (3033467 bytes)

Photo taken by Chester Davis - Elk City

Thomas_Ward_Girton.JPG (90052 bytes)

Thomas Ward Girton

Thomas_Word_Girton.JPG (66344 bytes)

Thomas Ward Girton

ThomasGirton.JPG (1587926 bytes)

Thomas Ward Girton

Unknown_Children.JPG (815411 bytes)

Unknown Children

Unknown_Photo.JPG (409691 bytes)

Unknown - possibly Indian?

Will_McPherson_-_Almie_Davis.JPG (211274 bytes)

Will McPherson - Almie Davis

Will_McPherson_-_Almie_Davis1.JPG (418292 bytes)

Will McPherson - Almie Davis

William_McPherson_2.JPG (242786 bytes)

William McPherson


William_McPherson_3.JPG (290942 bytes)

William McPherson

wm_Mcpherson.JPG (307969 bytes)

William McPherson



The farm pic's  belong to 3 different people but is one big farm. Per land grants in Idaho County David A. owned part, John and Lottie owned some and Ira David owned some of the land. All 3 were next to each other and ran as one big ranch. 


William McPherson  b: 17 Dec 1896 in Clearwater, Idaho, Idaho                 d: Apr 1967 in Clearwater, Idaho, Idaho. He is the son of Shelton I McPherson and Mary A ?. He and Almie are buried at Pinegrove Cemetery, Idaho County, Idaho.


Idaho Statesman (Boise City, Idaho)
8 February 1881

Saturday afternoon while Hon. T. W.

Girton, of the Assembly, and several other

gentlemen we taking a look at one of

Tom Frood's blooded race horses in the

yard of the Green Meadow Ranch Depot,

the horse. In playfully exercising around,

kicked him in the left temple, fracture-

ing the skull. The accident caused in-

tense excitement, as grave apprehensions

were felt at the time that the wound would

prove mortal. Doctor McKay was called

and after a partial examination of the

wound and stanching of the blood, Mr.

Girton was conveyed to his room at the

Overland hotel where he was has lain since.

Doctors Dousman and Wilcox were also

called, when the further examination was

made showing that a small portion of the

bone of the skull was missing, and the

fact was afterwards developed that Mr.

Girton had been wounded in the same

place by a kick from a horse several years

ago. Servers as the blow was Mr. Girton

secured to suffer but little, and has retained

his consciousness and the full possession

Of his faculties since the first few minutes

after the accident. Last evening the

patient was resting quietly, and strong

hopes are entertained that he will recover.





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