Emile A. Parisot

Emile A. Parisot was born in  about 1862 Michigan.  His parents were Theophilus Parisot and Marianne (Maryann) Voiland. Marianne immigrated Octo. 15, 1852 from France with her family.  This information has been documented. ** His father, Theophilus was born in France about 1829. His mother was born in France as well.  Theophile immigrated  to the United States 1853.  Theophilus is found in the 1860 Wayne County Michigan Census.  Emile married Mary  Elizabeth Nave in Michigan.  They lived in Lewistown, Montana for a time.  They had a son, Raymond Parisot.  Emile left his wife and son and headed to the Clearwater River in about 1893.  Later he made his way to Florence.  He owned the Eagle Bird Mine there, among many other claims.  He was the owner of the Atlas mine in the Buffalo Hump.  He was also a partner with D.C. Boyd in the newspaper business.  They produced the "Florence Miner" every Saturday.  In 1903 he married for a second time to May Vinson, of Grangeville.  They had one son Clement in January 1904.  Emile and May were separated by 1907, it is unknown if they were ever divorced, if so, it was after 1910..  Emile went back to Florence after their separation and in 1909 named his new mining claim after his son, "Clement King".

In 1915 he acquired the Bullion Mine. Emile purchased it from the county for the amount of the unpaid taxes th, which the original owner, Mr. Bennett had not paid. His first son Raymond  joined him in his mining operations.  In January 1920 he was treated by Dr. Foskett of Whitebird for pneumonia.  He traveled to Grangeville to take care of his business affairs, then returned to Florence.  He died Mary 17, 1920.  To reach his grave, you walk out Bullion Ridge from the mine.  He is buried on the point.  From his grave you can look down and see the Wind River Bridge.  There is a road to the Bullion Mine from Florence, although it is but a jeep trail now, and probably not accessible.  And there is also a trail from the Wind River Bridge up to the mine.  Emile's son Raymond left Florence shortly after his father's death.  He died about 1974 and his ashes were placed on his father's grave.

  I remember about 1979, some of the ashes were still there, but most of them had blown away. My mother put some dirt over the remaining to keep them there.  The following photo was taken in 1979.


**Information from Bernice Donoghue - descendant.






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