Regarding Death of R. Rickman

We are in receipt of a letter from across Salmon river regarding the death of Robert Rickman, who was killed there recently by being dragged by a horse, and the particulars are even more touching than as first reported.

The deceased was 48 years old when he died and had a son about 19 years old.  About two years ago he went back to Kentucky and married a woman with two children, a boy of 12 and a girl of 8.  They got along nicely and were living very happily when the sad accident occurred.

On that day Mr. Rickman went to the pasture with his stepson to catch a horse and laughingly said he would wrap the rope around his arm to hold it.  When the horse was caught it started to run and the man's brains were knocked out on the rocks before the horse got loose.  Mrs. Rickman sent the boy for help and the neighbors later brought the body to the house.  The next day some rough boards were packed in on a horse and a rough coffin made, in which the remains were laid to rest on the place where the man had lived so many years.  A few verses were read from the bible and a son sung by the friends present and with these simple and kindly ceremonies the deceased was laid to rest, it being impossible to cross the river and bring the body out for burial.

Mrs. Rickman contemplates moving the remains to Kentucky this fall for final internment. 

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