Idaho County Indian Lands

  The following records include the land record number and the name. There is also a Twp. & Range on the top of each page.  If you have access to a Metzger Map you could look up the actual location. The records are not in alphabetical order, so you may have to search all images.  Some were hard to translate, so I decided to just post the images.  The listings include names in Indian language, but also English names as well.  They also state the relationship of the person to another person on the list, thus helping to locate parents, siblings and grandparents at times.  Not all pages had images, so the blank pages were not included.  I could not find any other record book to coincide with the record numbers. But perhaps this will help some of you in your research.


Click on the thumbnail photo to view the actual image from the record book in the Idaho County Courthouse.

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