MAY 27, 1887

The following list of homestead and pre-emption patents for parties in Idaho County are lying in the land office at Lewiston and will be sent upon application to the received.

Homestead Patents Pre-Emption Patents
John Berg J.F. McLean
Eli Coder John Bower
Jacob J. Cline H.E. Rowe
Jas. L. Cearly W.W.Bowman
F.A. Fenn Albert H. Cummings
T.W. Girton Jas. C. Holt
Heirs of Henry Harmon Gideon T. Williams
Seth Jones W. Coram
Jas. G. Lambert J.J. Flynn
D.B. Marham Henry McGee
C.L. Rive A.J. Taylor or Tayor
T.J. Turpin Hannah M. Smith
Geo. Woodward Jas. B. Sloan
John Webber Dan McNeill
. J.P. Harriman
. L.P. Brown, Transferee of Elvira Wilson
. Moses H. Morris
. Walter Gerbrich
. Chas V. Crooks
. Eliza Harris
. Jno. H. Hanson
. Levi Marriman
. Wm. S. Wilmot
. D.H. Telcher
. Ch. Scott
. John D. Rose







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