Grangeville Standard -  August 21, 1902

Fred Burgdorf Found a Bride

  There is a pretty little romance connected with the recent marriage of Fred Burgdorf, the popular host of the Warm Springs hotel.  Fred is known all over Idaho as a staid old bachelor and his many friends have wondered how he came to change his views toward matrimony.  The following story is told by Trevarthen, a Cripple Creek, Colo., mining expert.

  “I came to Fall Creek by the way of Weiser and Council, a young lady accompanied me on the stage from Council.  I was surprised to learn that she was from Cripple Creek.  Her name was Miss Jeanette Townsend.  I had known of her, but had never met her personally.  She had been in business in Cripple Creek but a fire made way with her stand and stock of goods.  Then she started for Thunder Mountain to make a new fortune.  That was early in the winter, before the roads were open beyond Resort.”

  “Arriving at Resort, she found Burgdorf’s hotel over run with guests and Fred at his wits end to care for them.  Being a lady of varied domestic as well as business accomplishments, she offered to assist in the hotel until the road opened.  She did her work with such good cheer and judgment that the bachelor proprietor soon fell captive and offered his hand in marriage.  She accepted the offer, going back to Cripple Creek for her belongings and was on her way back to Resort for the marriage when I saw her.”




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