Ferdinand Enterprise - November 26, 1915

A.E. Haener and Miss Barbara Nau completely took their many friends by surprise last Thursday evening, when they arrived here from Spokane, with two hearts beating as one.

The parties had gone to Spokane a few days prior and Wednesday morning, Nov. 17, 1915, at 8:00 o’clock a.m. were joined in wedlock by Father Rahagen of that city.

The newlyweds were met at the station by a band of youngsters who furnished them ragtime charivari music as they made their way from the depot to the Albert Haener home, the temporary home of the happy pair.  The groom finally appeased the yearning desires of the young as well as the old by a generous distribution of sweets and choice Havanas.

Both bride and groom are among Ferdinand’s very best and most popular young people, and the Enterprise joins their host of friends in extending heartiest congratulations.





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