Idaho County Free Press - July 8, 1887

At the residence of the brides parents Mt. Idaho, I.T. by Rev L.T. Weeks, Frank W. Rice and Miss Emma May Odle.  The house was filled with guests who were all in good spirits and the flow of mirth was uninterrupted.  Numerous costly and beautiful glass, silver and other ware filled one entire table.  After the ceremony all joined in a general attack on the sell loaded table, and passed the remainder of the evening in music and general jollity.  All join in good wishes and congratulations.

This record was transcribed from the original Marriage Book from Florence, Idaho 
Page 13

John Rice to Sarah E. Odle

I herby certify that John Rice and Sarah E. Odle, were united in marriage on the thirteenth day of May 1845 by me, at Mount Idaho, Id. Terr. given this 14th May 1875

S.A. D. Martin

Minister of Gospel


James Odle

M.A. Baird

Filed May 24, 1875 & Recorded B.F. Morris Co. Recorder





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