This record was transcribed by Penny Bennett Casey from the "Pensions and Increase of Pensions", which pertained to the Bill that was approved in 1917 for pension benefits for the Indian War Veterans.

Pension Committee May 1, 1908

 60th Congress, 1st Session, Senate Report No. 593

H.R. 16426

Levi Castle, Grangeville, Idaho, late first lieutenant and captain, Companies E and H, respectively, First Idaho Volunteer Infantry, served during the war with Spain from May 6, 1898, until honorable discharged September 25, 1899.  He is pensioned at $12.75 per month, beginning August 6, 1906, for three-fourths disability as of rank of first lieutenant.  He filed an application for re-rating under date of September 9, 1907, contending that his allowance should have been as of rank of captain by reason of the fact that he was in command of his company by general order from regimental headquarters, dated August 25, 1898, and served in that capacity until final muster out, though he did not receive his commission as such until September 5, 1899.  This application was rejected, as the evidence showed the disability to have had its origin while the officer was still first lieutenant.  His medical examination, by a surgeon for the Pension Bureau was made at Grangeville, Idaho, September 15, 1906, and showed the officer to have lost over 50 pounds in weight during the previous year and to have a severe affection of the spleen, liver and stomach, and piles.  The surgeon reported:

Over the pyloric region deep palpation reveals an enlargement.  Can not separate it from surrounding organs.  This condition has been diagnosed by different physicians all the way from trouble with gall bladder to cancer of pyloris.  There is certainly some serious trouble in this locality.


The testimony of Dr. F.A. Campbell and Dr. J.L. Conant, jr., show that the officer was treated during his service in the Philippine Islands, at Manila, for acute gastric catarrh, which assumed a chronic form; also chronic diarrhea, and that treatment for same continued, the diagnosis having been later changed to ulceration of the pyloris.  Doctor Campbell files an additional affidavit in support of the bill, stating that the officer is still under his professional care, and that during the past two years he has not attempted any labor.  Dr. G.S. Stockton also testifies that the officer has been under his observation and occasional treatment during the past three years; that though treatment gives relief at times his condition grows worse, and that he has lost flesh steadily.

It is believed after full consideration of the evidence and facts that the allowance the claimant now receives is incommensurate with the degree of his disability from his army troubles, and a pension of $24 per month is therefore respectfully recommended.






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