This record was transcribed by Penny Bennett Casey from the "Pensions and Increase of Pensions",which pertained to the Bill that was approved in 1917 for pension benefits for the Indian War Veterans.




MAY 10, 1926

H.R. 805 – JAMES SURRIDGE, Harpster, Idaho, alleges that in 1878 he served in the campaign against the Bannock Indians in Capt. C.W. Case’s company Idaho Volunteers, when honorable discharged.  (I.W.S.O. 18566)

This soldier’s claim was finally rejected November 3, 1923, for the reason that neither the official records of the U.S. or of the State of Idaho afforded any evidence of alleged service, there being no muster roll of the company for the year 1878 on file and the evidence filed failed to establish a pensionable service.

There is a muster roll of the service of the company of Captain Case in 1877, but claimant’s name is not borne thereon, but there is no roll of the company for the year 1878 on file. 

Frank A. Fenn Testified as follows:

Frank A. Fenn, of Kooskia, Idaho, being first duly sworn on oath, says” I am 68 years of age and a pensioner under the act of March 4, 1917, for services rendered in the Nez Perce Indian war; I was a lieutenant in Capt C.W. Case’s company (B), of the Second Idaho Militia, and adjutant of the regiment; the company was a volunteer organization in the beginning; the company has been variously designated sometimes, though erroneously, as (D).  I am and since 1877 have been personally well acquainted with James Surridge, the claimant above mentioned.  I know that in 1878, I was regimental adjutant, assigned said James Surridge to guard duty in the vicinity of Mount Idaho, Idaho County, Idaho, during the Bannock war; that when so member of said company (B), commanded by Capt. C.W. Case at that time; That I do not know, and therefore can not say, whether the name of said James Surridge was ever entered on the muster roll of said company (B), but I do know that he performed service as a member of said company under my orders for over 30 days.

                                                                                Frank A. Fenn

                                                                                July 8, 1922

J.B. Morris testified as follows:

That I am a duly and regularly licensed and practicing physician and surgeon, practicing at the present time in Lewiston, Nez Perce County, Idaho; that I was such physician and surgeon practicing in Idaho in the years 1877 and 1878; that as such physician I was the duly and regularly appointed regimental surgeon by Governor Brayman, then Governor of the Territory of Idaho, and cared for all the volunteers during the Nez Perce Indian War in the year 1877 and the Bannock War of 1878; that I know of my own knowledge that James Surridge did active service in the Bannock War of 1878 for a period of more than 30 days; that I have been personally acquainted with the said James Surridge since the year 1876.

                                                                                J.B. Morris

                                                                                July 19, 1922

Several other persons also testified in a general way to soldier’s service in Captain Case’s company

Claimant is 76 years of age, and states he owns no property, but that his wife owns four acres of land.  Two witnesses again testify in a general way to service of claimant.  The witnesses Fenn and Morris are both pensioned on account of service in the Idaho Volunteers, Morris as surgeon of the Second Idaho Volunteers.  While there is no record or documentary evidence of service, the testimony submitted is of such a character as to lead to the conclusion that this claimant did render 30 days’ service in connection with the Indian troubles in Idaho in 1878, and therefore allowance of pension at the rate of $20 per month is recommended






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