Transcribed by Penny Bennett Casey

from the records of the Senate,  50th Congress, 2d Session

 Secretary of War , War Department papers.




In response to Senate resolution of January 3, 1889, information relative to services of volunteers in the Nez Perce War.



Portland, Oregon, August 27, 1877

Sir:  I have the honor to submit the following report, in compliance with Special Orders No. 97, Headquarters, Department of the Columbia, Portland, Oregon, July 28, 1877, and memorandum orders, dated Lewiston, Idaho.  July 28, 1877, based upon letter of instruction from Headquarters, Military Division of the Pacific:

In accordance with confidential instructions from division headquarters, I obtained copies of the rolls of volunteer companies at Mt. Idaho and Grangeville, Idaho, and herewith furnish copies of same.  These companies were organized by order of the governor of Idaho Territory, and served a short time only, most of the men having returned to their usual occupations on August 7, the date of my arrival at Mt. Idaho.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

James P. Canby,

Major and Paymaster, U.S. Army


**There are some names of men that are not on this list, so check out the pension page for others**  

Grangeville, Idaho, June 15, 1877.

We, the undersigned, citizens of the United States, residing at Grangeville, Idaho, and vicinity, do hereby individually and collectively agree to enroll ourselves as a body or company of volunteers under the direction and command of his excellency, M. Brayman, governor of Idaho Territory, and in conformity with his proclamation for that purpose.

  1. A.H. Gordon
  2. C.P. Clingan
  3. A. Shumway
  4. J.T. Silverwood
  5. John Johnson
  6. F.M. Hughes
  7. C.M. Redman
  8. S. Weaver
  9. W.S.M. Williams
  10. James Fleune
  11. I.M. Crooks
  12. John Fields
  13. J.H. Ranch
  14. G.W. Hashagen
  15. V.D. Remington
  16. W.C. Pearson
  17. W.H. Sebastian
  18. I.Brown
  19. I.B. Crooks
  20. W.B. Bloomer
  21. J.J. Remington
  22. Charles Bentz
  23. James W. Crooks
  24. Samuel Harty
  25. S.W. Reynolds
  26. Charles Crooks
  27. E.S.Remington
  28. John Byram
  29. D.C. Crooks
  30. James L. Crooks
  31. M.P. Crooks
  32. James Spence
  33. Robert Wilmot
  34. John Flynn
  35.  Patrick CArtin
  36. Frank Weichel
  37. E.W. Robie
  38. John Healy
  39. John Weaver
  40. C.H. Robinson
  41. C.H. Brown
  42. Albert Benching
  43. John Mitchell

I hereby certify the foregoing to be a correct list of the officers and men duly enlisted and entered into service as the “Grangeville Volunteers,” of which company I am captain.

W.B. Bloomer

Captain Grangeville Volunteers


The following officers were unanimously elected at a meeting of the company held June 15, 1877.

W.B. Bloomer, captain; W.S. Williams, first lieutenant; C.P. Clingan, orderly sergeant.

MOUNT IDAHO, IDAHO, August, 1877

I certify that this is a true copy of the original roll of officers and volunteers enrolled at Grangeville, Idaho, June 15, 1877.

James P. Canby,

Major and paymaster, U.S. Army

Roll of Officers, non-commissioned offers, and privates, enrolled at Mount Idaho, Idaho  June 15, 1877


Capt. D.B. Randall

First Lieut. Jas. Cearley

Second Lieut. L.P. Wilmot

Sergeant John McPherson

Sergeant J.W. Rainey

Sergeant F. Oliver

Sergeant J.W. Eastman

Corporal Robert Nugent

Corporal George Smith

Corporal John Bower

Corporal M.S. Martin

Corporal K.W. White

Corporal George Riggins

Corporal Jno. Auchinvole


  1. Aram, J.T.
  2. Aram, John
  3. Adkinson, John K.
  4. Adkinson, P.D.
  5. Hemelspak, Jos
  6. Barber, J.O.
  7. Brown, R.C.
  8. Beamer, W.B.
  9. Bocher, L.
  10. Bartley, A.D.
  11. Bunker, T.J.
  12. Buchanan, James
  13. Clark, W.
  14. Crea, John
  15. Crea, Thomas
  16. Chapman, J.
  17. Croasdale, H.E.
  18. Dalles, Green
  19. Day, C.M.
  20. Erskin, C.H.
  21. Eastman, J.W.
  22. Eaton, C.T.
  23. Flynn, Charles
  24. FAxon, H.A.
  25. Grottle, William
  26. Hall, George
  27. Harrison, Joseph
  28. Harris, J.C.
  29. Hansen, John
  30. Howser, D.H.
  31. Jarrett, M.V.
  32. Jerome, M.E.
  33. King, Peter
  34. King, F.B.
  35. Leland, A.B.
  36. Morris, B.F.
  37. McPhersons, Daniel
  38. Overman, C.
  39. Ott, Larry
  40. Ousterholt, D.
  41. Peasley, Jos.
  42. Plummer, A.F.
  43. Poe, J.W.
  44. Riggins, John
  45. Rice, F.M.
  46. Rice, M.H.
  47. Rice, C.L.
  48. Rice, James
  49. Rice, J.N.
  50. Rowton, J.G.
  51. Swarts, J.A.
  52. Shissler, T.
  53. Swarts, T.D.
  54. St. Clair, T.M.
  55. Smith, Marion
  56. Snodgrass, J.M.
  57. Sears, George
  58. Tellis, Vince
  59. Truscott, M.H.
  60. Vansise, Frank
  61. Wilmot, B.R.
  62. West, Wesley
  63. Watson, J.A.
  64. Wall, T.
  65. Miller, J.A.
  66. Shearer, George M.
  67. Girton, T.W.
  68. Woodward, George
  69. Smith, Ernest
  70. Kennedy, Hugh
  71. Price, P.
  72. Mallick, P.
  73. Penny, B.
  74. Ready, P.H.
  75. Tilcher, D.H.
  76. Noyse, F.
  77. Gano, T.
  78. Markham, N.
  79. Watkins, E.
  80. Crea, James
  81. Harris, A.A.
  82. Adkinson, Elijah
  83. Ward, T.L.
  84. Fenn, S.S.
  85. Brown, L.P.
  86. Brown, Sidney B.
  87. Mitchell, William
  88. Fenn, Walter B.
  89. Falkington, A.
  90. Johnson, H.C.
  91. Ragan, James
  92. Woods, C.B.
  93. Sherwin, E.K.
  94. Sherwin, Elbert
  95. Sherwin, Perry
  96. Johnson, Charles
  97. Oale, James
  98. Dormein, J.M.
  99. Fountain, Clyde
  100. Surridge, Tom
  101. Petersen, John
  102. Shipley, Elias
  103. Gaddy, William
  104. Sears, C.W.
  105. VanBuren, Henry
  106. Richards, Joseph
  107. Myers, Henry
  108. Gould, Norman
  109. Helmer, Phillip
  110. Cone, H.W.
  111. Gibbons, John
  112. Orcutt, Isaac
  113. Getter, J.H.
  114. Mallory, N.B.
  115. Cone, Charles F.
  116. Cone, C.P.
  117. Van Sicle, A.
  118. Large, Samuel
  119. Kelley, John S.
  120. Carey, James
  121. Wood, John
  122. Howard, M.B.
  123. Treiblecock, Wm
  124. Ramsey, John
  125. Stuart, John
  126. Smith, Abner

Property and Value

Capt. D.B. Randall (one horse)                                                                          $150

Sergt. John McPherson (horse, $150; Henry rifle, $50)                                    200

Sergt. J.W. Rainey (horse, bridle, and pistol)                                                     150

Corporal M.S. Martin (horse, musket, and pistol)                                              100

Corporal K.W. White (horse and pistol)

H.A. Faxon (horse, pistol, and carbine)

B.F. Morris (2 horses, $400; and Henry rifle, $50)                                            450

J.W. Poe (horse, $100; and pistol, $25)                                                              125

George Sears (horse, $200; and Henry rifle, $50)                                              250

E. Watkins (Springfield rifle)

Elijah Adkinson (horse)                                                                                      100

T.L. Ward (horse)                                                                                                  200

L.P. Brown (horse)                                                                                                200

Sidney B. Brown (horse, $150; and Henry rifle, $50)                                        200


MOUNT IDAHO, IDAHO, August 8, 1877

I certify that this is a true copy of the original roll of officers and volunteers enrolled at Mount Idaho, Idaho, June 15, 1877.

James P. Canby,

Major and Paymaster, U.S. Army

A Letter from O.O. Howard states the following in regards to volunteer units during the Nez Perce Campaign:

A number of men were reported on paper at Mount Idaho, first organized under Capt. A.J. Chapman; afterward Captain Randall was elected captain; but few of these ever took the field.  Ten or twelve did for the battle of White Bird Canon, and seventeen afterwards under Captain Randall, who was killed in skirmish July 4, 1877. 

A small Home Guard organized at Grangeville, Idaho, Capt. W.B. Bloomer.  I never saw but the captain and one man in the field

These organizations, met at Mount Idaho at one time, about the 6th of July, 1877, and by their votes made McConville colonel of the volunteers, and a man named George Shearer, Major.  These were all the volunteers who were with or near the troops west of Missoula, Mont.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

O.O. Howard

Brigadier-General, Commanding Department.






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