Idaho County Free Press

Friday, June 3, 1892

FIRE AT COTTONWOOD - The Store of Wax & Goldstone and Residence of Sam'l Goldstone Destroyed

Tuesday morning about two o'clock the residence building at Cottonwood, situated back of Wax & Goldstone's store, which had just been completed as a residence for Mr. Goldstone, was discovered to be on fire.  Owing to the unseasonable hour there were not enough men present to do anything toward checking the conflagration which soon communicated to the store building.  The spring stock of goods had just been received, and at the time the stock would invoice between $25,000 and $30,000.  Everything possible was done but few of the goods could be saved.  The stock and store was pretty well insured, the exact figures of which we have been unable to ascertain, but the loss will be $12,000 or $15,000 above insurance.  No insurance on the dwelling or contents.  There is no doubt that the origin of the fire was incendiary, as there was no one residing in the house and no fire had been in it for some time and the time of the night shows the fire could not have accidentally started.  No clue is to be had to the perpetrator of this crime, who if caught, would be summarily punished.  The fire is a heavy blow to Wax and Goldstone, but they are not discouraged and Mr. Wax at once went to Lewiston to adjust the insurance and make arrangements to resume business.






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