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1866 Remains of Extinct Animals in Idaho Territory  
1870 Small Pox in Florence   
1873 Major Alvord Writes From Florence  
1875 Eight Days Without Food - Richard Wildan
1878 Indian Murders in Idaho  
1879  Raines and Edwards Killed by Indians  
1881 Idaho Volcano  
1886 A Wild Child - Lost Daughter of G.N. Holbrook Found in Cavern
1887 Organizing a Jockey Club
1887 Fate of Wm. Rhodes, Hass Crane & Altman
1887 New Town in 7 Devil's Copper District
1887 New Town of Lakeville (Tolo)
1887 Indians - Renegade Hunting Parties Depredating The Little Salmon Settlements    
1888 Miss Francis Benedict   
1888 Salmon River Wagon Road  
1889 Orange Trees Planted at Florence  
1891 Attempted Rape (Robert Nugent/Gertrude Terhaar) 
1891 John Pleox Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison  
1892 A New Glacial District in Idaho  
1892 John Beckroge Committed to Asylum
1892 New Cemetery Needed
1892 Fire At Cottonwood (Wax & Goldstone)
1892 Marble discovered on the Salmon River
1892 20 Year Old Corpse Found   
1887 Idaho Pioneer Association
1887 Advertisement for a Wife
1894 One Scalp Taken 
1895 Nezperce  Reservation Land Open For Settlement
1896 New Florence Townsite  
1896 Harry Romain Chased by Grizzly
1897 A Disastrous Cloudburst  
1898 Distillery In Grangeville 
1898 Florence News  
1898 Mt. Idaho Stage Robbers Arrested  
1899 Three Men Drown in Salmon River
1899 Unknown body found  in Salmon River
1899  Death of "Tucker", James Edward's Dog
1899 Mrs. Grant Shoots Monte Jarrett 
1899 Madge Kennedy Robbed and Abandoned  
1899 Klondike Weather Strikes Florence  
1899 Banner Mill Burns at Florence
1899 Prospector Lost in the Hills of Idaho County  
1900 Tom Hill, Indian - Shoots Himself   
1900 Florence Dredge Launched   
1900 Mt. Idaho Has A Newspaper
1900  A.E. Randall-Combat with Rattlers  
1902 Patrick Brice - Heroic Exploit   
1904 Hunting for Indian's Gold 
1904 Grangeville in Ashes
1904 Assualt on Tennyson Wright by A.E. White  
1904 Ed Lancaster Accused of Rape    
1904 Law and Order in Warrens
1905 First Public School & First Baby Born in Florence 
1905 State Bank Established at Whitebird  
1905 Bullet Tells Story of Pioneer Crime 
1906 New Town Named After Pioneer, Fenn  
1906 332 Saloons in Northern Idaho  
1908 Two Insanity Cases - Spot & Kennison
1908 Cottonwood in Ashes
1908 John Spot Insane
1909 Idaho Counties Go Dry   
1909 Cost of Salt and Flour in Florence, Capt Bledsoe 
1911 Elsie Benoy Judged Insane
1911 New Jail in Grangeville
1911 Mrs. Clay tells of Indian Battle   
1912 Elk City Bank Fails 
1913 Camas Prairie Horse Show 
1914  Oddest  Parcel Post Package
1914 Fine for Red Rock School Teacher
1915 Cosand's Get-Away Nipped
1915 Mrs. Litchfield of Elk City Looses Suit Against S.W. Smith of Buster Mine
1915 Idaho Town Now Deserted - Mt. Idaho
1916 Wanted Man Found in Florida - Ed Lorienza
1916 Miss Hazel Sink Gives Party
1916 The Convicts Caught Near Arrow
1916 Alienation Suit Filed
1917 Idaho, Its' Meaning and Application
1918 Recollections of William Craig
1920 An Emigrant's Experience   by Frank Fenn    
1921 Doctoring in an Emergency  by Frank Fenn   
1921 An Early Prize Fight  by Frank Fenn  
1921 Doctor Recalls Tragedy of Indian War  
1926 Mr. Cone's 69th Birthday 
1928 James Willsey Freed of Manslaughter Charges for shooting of Parker Nicholson Jr.
1929 Henry Johnson Recalls Indian Battle 
1937 Idaho's Biggest County 
1963 Seven Elderly Men Killed at Rest Home Fire  
1970 Rella Church Has 102nd Birthday






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