Cosand’s Get-Away Nipped

Carl Cosand, a rancher, who lives on a ranch between here and Cottonwood, attempted to make his “get away” last Sunday last, and leave several of his creditors in the lurch.  Cosand, so it is said, was making a pretty general cleanup on things about the place and showed little, if any disposition to settle his bills according to agreements.

Sunday morning he hitched up a rig and drove in the direction of Forest, but one of his creditors had suspicion that all was not on the square.  He had notified the constable at Cottonwood to put on his rubber boots and goggles and be ready for a man chase upon a moment’s notice.

Cosand was overtaken by the constable several miles the other side of Forest, and returned.  He secured Attorney Gilmore from Grangeville and settlement of a number of accounts was made in Ferdinand, Monday.

The Enterprise deplores that it is called upon to chronicle this, as well as other unfortunate circumstances, but hopes that the matter may be amicably settled.  This paper stands for law and order and if a man with sober mind willingly breaks any reasonable law within our jurisdiction, we most certainly will give it publicity the same as other news matter.





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