NOVEMBER 4, 1898

DISTILLERY IN IDAHO One to Be Put in Operation at Grangeville

J.W. Hathaway, deputy internal revenue collector at large, with headquarters in Helena, arrived in the city yesterday.  He is on his way to Grangeville to make surveys of a distillery which will be started there by Reynolds brothers within the next two weeks.  Incidentally, Mr. Hathaway will attend to some internal revenue business here.  He was in consultation yesterday with Senator Shoup with reference to some Idaho appointments in the internal revenue service, and afterwards it was announced that Mr. Bonebrake of Grangeville would be appointed storekeeper and gauger of the new distillery.


This will be the first distillery to be operated in the state of Idaho, that is, the first legal one, as it is understood there have been illicit stills operated here in times past.  The liquor will be manufactured from grain-rye, and corn.  Mr. Hathaway does not know the capacity of the Grangeville distillery and it is to ascertain it that he will make the survey.  He will ascertain the capacity of the fermenting tubs, stills, etc., and determine how much grain will be allowed for the manufacture of a given amount of whiskey.


Mr. Hathaway is one of the oldest internal revenue officers in the northwest and his experiences have been varied.  His present jurisdiction embraces Montana, Idaho and Utah.  He has just surveyed a distillery in the latter state.





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